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Scheming for next RHoK

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Scheming for next RHoK

  1. Have a kid-friendly area. Do things like Scratch and Alice, ask them to help design things.
  2. Actual hardware focus.
    1. Donald of Suspect Devices is game to work with this. Thinking SEA, PDX, SFO, BOS as potential venues for this.
    2. Shift Labs would be up to help us.
    3. Eric R has a list of Arduino and Android projects
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I think some of the 100-in-1 kits may be good too, as kids that aren't horribly familiar with electronics can use those and learn. I'm down for any Left-Coast action, PDX, SEA, or SFO. 


I think we can link this up to the AT&T hackathon that weekend as well, and they're into device hacking.

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