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Back end process for Accelerator rounds

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Back end process for Accelerator rounds

  1. Determine theme and approximate timing
  2. Determine mentors for round
  3. Decide dates (announce, deadline to apply, announce date) and number of teams to be supported
  4. Set up way for teams to apply
    1. Currently a google form. has also been suggested for future rounds
    2. Include terms, privacy, etc.
    3. Set expectations
  5. Set up a way for adivsors to record feedback
    1. Right now it's a google form. Could use Active Interview for that as well
    2. Detail what they're looking for
    3. Set deadline for review
    4. Pad at least two days between 3 and 5, do some sort ordering to find clear preferences and vetos
    5. Set date for group discussion
  6. Email teams at least two days before announcement date. Number of supported teams + 1 backup.
  7. Email list and details of selected teams to mentors
  8. Announce teams on announcement date. Blog post with video, project description, reminder of what process they'll be going through.
  9. Set up times for the first two months with mentors.
  10. Have one month's lead on scheduling with mentors and teams
  11. Document the meetings, publish findings.
  12. Monthly check-in with each team about progress, blog post.
  13. Celebratory review in 5th month about progress and projected future. Detail history.
  14. Wrap-up video shown at current hackathons, close with invitation to apply to next round.
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