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Sent invitation to winners

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Task: Sent invitation to winners

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh
Due Date: 
Monday, Jun 18

After discussing with the advisery board, send out invitation to 3 teams and one back up.

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Thank you so much for applying to the Geeks Without Bounds accelerator for humanitarian projects. After reviewing and discussing, we are pleased to invite you to take place in these 6 months of mentorship. To receive the full benefit of this program, we ask that your entire team commit to at least 4 hours each month to sit down to a video chat with mentors at a time appropriate for your geographic location. It is up to the team to have the technical and infrastructure requirements in place to be sure this exchange can happen consistently. Mentorship calls and the progress of your team will be tracked on the GWOBlog, and we ask that your code be housed on a public repository. If the team cannot make this commitment, please pass on this opportunity to a team who can.
We do not guarantee the success of your team in a deployment nor in a financial way. GWOB does promise to meet your mentoring needs to the best of our ability from June 20th, 2012 to December 4th, 2012. Neither party is liable for the other.
At graduation, if the team is hired by an organization, GWOB takes a 10% finder’s fee. If the tool is purchased, GWOB takes a 10% fee. If we fiscally sponsor you, this is the agreement you would sign (10% of incoming grants and donations go to GWOB). If you become a for-profit business, we take 10% equity.  Any fees or equity to GWOB comes out of the team’s share.

Please email back to accept this offer by 10a PST the 20th of June, or we will need extend an invitation to another group.

All our best,

Willow Brugh and the Geeks Without Bounds advisory board