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Considering a different task management platform

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Considering a different task management platform

I've been using Basecamp for a my work with ATT lately. It's a lower barrier to entry than Atrium, and includes private discussion area. Thoughts? Pros? Cons?

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Before switching to OA we used basecamp. We found that while it was simple to use, there were certain aspects that made it more complex to manage in the long term. For example, there is no audit trail of changes made to tasks. This made a culture of accountability more challenging to implement. Secondly, it's difficult to set a priority on tasks. (Do this by dragging and dropping tasks in a list.) We ended up having to hack how we used it in order to achieve our desired level of transparency.

BaseCamp has superior email functionality which is a major area of improvement for OA and can lower barriers to entry.


we use Basecamp internally at Tropo, and both design firms I work with use it too.  I like it, it's convenient and easy to use.  But it's not free.




I have a few questions:

  1. Is ATT found at ?
  2. What are your core requirements?
    • FLOSS?
    • Email?
    • Access Control?
    • easy documentation & accounting?
    • ...
  3. What about systems like



1. AT&T at

2. Mostly for easy documentation and accountability

3. I like that they are all open source. I don't like that 2 of them didn't load the demo and they don't address the "barrier to entry" issue.


I really like the look of the basecamp CMS!



Yep-- received invites to base camp myself! Shall we archive the GWOB group here in Atrium?
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