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Team Selection call

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Team Selection call

GWOB  discussion on projects, 6/18/2012

How many can we support? 3, with 1 backup.

Lobbying between:  Four teachers, Bachchao, LGBT.

Benetech looking at Tethr as a strong contender for their funding.

4 teachers – on the borderline mission-wise, needed but not really humanitarian.  Good UI process,  <sjf: 501c3 shows maturity, probably will get easily funded – e.g. Donorschoose. Could be adapted to worldwide template, but we may have problems persuading them to divert onto this.> Need to decide if we want to focus on US projects… would be a much more obvious fit for us if it wasn’t in the US. Need to ask them if they’re interested in expanding outside Texas.  Pascal: how can we help them move forward in different communities? E.g. Africa, Asia, Europe, South America – even in different parts of the US.  We could help them expand their outreach and vision, into a global tool. Pascal: was interesting in their visions – how to maintain and update their systems.  Willow? How to not support the current education system, but how to build a new, more grassroots format system – does this tech support that transition into a new format?  “Let’s build a database to save the world”… could backfire…  not sure this system is all that innovative.

Bachchao – Bangalore, crime mapping.  Josh worried about the tool – only moderately useful… recording evidence and alerting friends…  “is just going to record you being injured”.   Team has potential…  Pascal: can this team be mentored to create something for the world, with e.g. Interpol. And standardize a process that other people can use.  Mentorship can stop them being isolated – bring them to agencies etc around the world that they wouldn’t have access to now.  Ella: work they’ve done is relatively straightforward… even with mentoring might not be able to deliver on international-level standard of work.

LGBT – Ella: very simplistic at the moment… one problem is in understanding what the territory is… e.g. “this is what the law says, but this is what the reality is”… maybe only useful for people who are travelling… <sjf: gay section in lonely planet covers this>.  Needs support in a relatively well-defined context. Willow: why does it have to be complete? Just use a web portal.  Ella: work more on the backend of getting data collected etc. Pascal: how to find and validate that information?  How do you filter that info?  Partner with local rights organisations.  Willow: what is their income model?  Grants?

Next: need a champion for each project.

How to improve the GWOB system…

Riley: Strong champion.  Goal of mentoring cycle is to get applicants groomed ready for the funding cycle… have a few calls with them, help them work their idea.  So person who’s most interested in a project gets to interview that group and become their champion.

Beth: spreadsheet made me want to tear my hair out – virtually impossible to navigate it. Info display would be great. 1-page profile for each submitter?  In ranking, didn’t like answering every question. Also need a “no information” box for each option. Also strong ideas are not the same as strong teams. Also need to equalize the applications – i.e. make them all at the hackathons. Also need to know more about the team.

Aaron: underwhelming set of applications – probably mostly our fault… need to think about how to improve our visibility inside the hackathon… improve process at RHOK to make projects start thinking that they’re going to continue, rather than that they might continue.  And also to submit projects that need teams, and teams that need projects.  “We’re getting pet projects”.  SJF: argued that finding projects that need teams and teams that need projects is part of what the hackathons are for, and we’ve already seen teams come together over 2-3 hackathons before fielding and monetizing their systems.

James: people need the pitch mentoring before they apply… what if we asked them to just take a stab at filling in a business model canvas… and we can use that to assess how they view cost, revenue, value proposition etc.  Send link to creative commons things, put stuff into the 9 categories there.

<SJF: didn’t have space in the form for whether there was a tech team or a prototype built. Didn’t see much in the material provided about the team makeups or business plans. Also need a clearer set of guidelines about what we’re looking for, e.g. development focus. Went into githubs and rhok pages, but didn’t see much description outside those.  Have a standard list of what we want to know about?  Get RHOK to do business planning tutorials for teams?>

AOB: thank you Willow!

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