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choose between Help Sauce or Urgent Needs Center

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Task: choose between Help Sauce or Urgent Needs Center


 I am from Germany and the one who worked with the developers during RHoK in Basel. But I am only a user and don’t know too much about the technical issues…


There was one programmer (his name is Ueli) who continued working on the program. He is running the site on his private development-server. Before he went to a two weeks holiday, he sent me some data that might help you. You find it attached to this mail.


To take it on a different server there needs to be installed the following software:

-          Java 6

-          Tomcat 6 or 7 (or an analog Servlet Container)

-          MySQL Database


To launch the site, there has to be some work done:


-          At the required fields you should add asterisks (they had been there in the first version at RHoK)

-          At the moment there is no possibility to work on or even look at the offers that are posted as answers

-          An e-mail notification to after someone has submitted a need would be very helpful

-          The possibility to implement the “donation-o-meter” should be given


At least the first three topics should be realized before we publish and promote the page.


It would also be helpful to add an additional button on the front page: “I can offer”, e.g. when there is someone who has an aggregate to offer, he can post it there. If someone is in need of it, he can demand it.


I am very grateful that you are willing to engage in this project for it will be a great help for our further work in disaster relief. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in contact with me – I hope I will be able to help… ;-)