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Community Information Core

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Community Information Core


The mission of the Community Information Corps is to prepare information professionals -- through academic inquiry, practical engagement and professional development -- for careers in community and public information work. There are a handful of fundamental concepts about community and the public good that we study in the Community Information Corps Seminar and in CiC sponsored events. These key concepts give students a conceptual lens for reflecting on the details of project activity and policy developments that they observe and encounter. They also create a point of common knowledge and a lingua franca with which students can interact and share ideas. The Community Information Corps (CiC) Student Group draws upon the fundamental concepts of Community Informatics Seminar and works to facilitate student engagement in underserved and underprivileged communities. Through student-industry discussion, community involvement and outreach, as well as alumni and inter-school connections, the CiC Student Group both learns from its surrounding knowledge base and presents its ideas and efforts to the University community as well as the general public. Our goal is to understand the community and empower it through the training in and use of information and communication technologies

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