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Project: Publish blog posts


Create cases for things which should be written about. Jenn, Libby, Meg, or Erin will pick them up.

  • Research-intensive entries like this are worth $75: :3 total for quarter
  • Activity-based entries like this are worth $60 : :60 total per quarter
  • Information-heavy entries like this (pulled mostly from other sites, but not an analysis as in the Research-based article) are worth $50: :5 total per quarter
  • Twitter posts must be original content (not RT) and do not include indicators of blog posts. Included links prefered. Worth $5 a pop. 19 total for the quarter
  • Original GWOB-related media (podcasts, video, pictures) used on blog and/or posted to flickr are worth $50 each. Two max per event (we have 3 events per quarter) : 6 total per quarter
  • e-mail assist : resond to e-mail forwarded from Diggz or Willow (please let us know if you're up to this) within 2 days. cc original recipient as well, but respond from your account : 9 per quarter, $10 per

School Factory pays up to $300 per month for blogging, and communications. Invoice School Factory at the end of each month.

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