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Telecomix is a sociocyphernetic cluster of internet and data loving bots and people, always striving to protect and improve the internet and defend the free flow of data. Telecomix, just like the Internet, knows no borders technological or territorial.

We have no specific agenda, no leadership and no pre-determined practices. We are an occurance rather than a group; a siphonophoric organism transmitting its genome through memes and imitation rather than through rules and regulations. We are in love with the internet, we call this datalove, and if you want, you can join us simply by stepping into our chat below.

A lot of our work takes place in sub-clusters, autonomous groups spawned from the main Telecomix organism. Some of our sub-clusters have taken the form of direct interventions: encrypting, disseminating, connecting. Others have developed techniques and technologies, building things to make the internet safe for internauts everywhere. All of this is done under a umbrella of datalove and a drive for constructive action and evolution. We always strive for the next level!

Over time we change and evolve, engage in new projects and refactor our work. If you want to become part of this ever-changing flux, join us on (SSL on 6697) in the main channel #telecomix or click the Join! link above.

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