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Weekly Program Meeting Notes

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Weekly Program Meeting Notes

Priorities for this week:

  1. Cleaning up Atrium
    1. Close outstanding cases
    2. Rename cases which do not contain verbs
    3. Improve project definitions and overviews
    4. Close out old blog posts and archive
    5. Ensure that GWOB MOA components are reflected as Projects, Cases
  2. Website project resumption
    1. James to connect with Ian
    2. James to bring Sasha Hay on board with site design
  3. More public updates (twitter feed, GWOB blog)
    1. One or two tweets every day/2 days
    2. Retweets where appropriate from @willowbl00 and @hypnagogic
    3. James to bring Bernard Yu on board as potential content strategist and provide orientation to program
    4. @schoolfactory to retweet what comes from @gwob
  4. Formation of Advisory Board and Visioning Session
    1. Create an invitation to the Visioning Session and send it to
      1. Heather Blanchard
      2. Pascal
      3. Eduardo, CTO of InSTEDD
      4. Jeff Finkle, IEDC
      5. Diggz, who was the FEMA contact?
      6. Who else?
    2. Schedule the first session
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What Erin has been working on:

  1. Getting project manager up to speed on MadPub - she has agreed to take a look at the project and as long as it's not going to take her full time effort, she will start the project up again and bring it to completion.
  2. Last week: Blog post, found venue, reading up on things
  3. "Backend stuff": what did we do in the past? Projects started in Hackathons--people want to continue? Need PM support? Should be checking in on them? Checking in with them and keeping engaged.


I haven't been as fast as I thought I'd be getting up to speed on things. 

What would help with that?

  1. Getting things into and out of Atrium. Saw that there's a training tonight, so I will attend that.
  2. Regular check in times Mon / Fri 1230PST


Tim Manning was the contact from FEMA that Diggz met. Deputy Director in charge of preparedness. We can add him to the list.

Mark Summer from Inveneo is also recommended by Diggz (similar to INSTEDD)


Awesome! I passed on the past to Ed, Heather, and Pascal - do you or Diggz have contacts for the other folk on our list?


Erin is working on getting MADpub back into being worked on. Has the PM, has another friend who might also help with that. Going to look for backend people to work on the backend integration, Kav about where things were at. Check in with Pascal about where things are at with county level and funding, offer to move forward with finding other funding if it won't fit on his plate.

Willow is at STAR-TIDES, going to be live tweeting and finalizing VTC Summit logic.

RHoK planning is started, check out the Atrium things. Erin is going to look into Amtrak sponsorship. Willow is in talks with Rubin about a Journey to the End of the Night to test products, and a sort of Scandinavian LARP to get people into headspace of what they're building for on Friday night.

Follow up with Challenge Storming session


Quick note for Willow - There was a dude we met on the Train from SEA -> PDX who worked for some fancy coffee company.. Stubbs?  (something like that).   While we were talking I planted the seed about maybe having them donate the coffee for RHOK #4.   Any of this ring a bell?  Can you track that guy down?


Stumptown, and I can do that easily - might be a bit hairy now that Levi stil works there and he was my main connection there.


Star-Tides updates

Open Sourcing stuff, hackathons around them, infographs around how to use them; GWOB helps with upkeep

Challenge Storming session come up to find solid problem definitions (Willow finishing logistics, posting to Atrium, inviting remote call-in)

Mexican hackerspaces

RHoK - playing a game Friday night. Do SFO and MKE also want to do a round? Also as a way of engaging and continuing efforts as well as being visible, support a prize for an app that actually gets used in a robust fashion. Brief explaination of what we're going for.


Backend stuff; blog post about School Factory; remote intro to Sasha

Weekly meeting on Monday, time set aside for Friday is for busy weeks.

Venue is booked for Challenge

Game night Friday before RHoK agreed to, Journey to the End of the Night likely postponed to NEXT RHoK, not this one. Set up call with Rubin to talk about this.

MADpub - pinging Kav about missing info, asking Pascal for e-mail contact. Willow will send Aaron and Erin contact about Tropo tree if he doesn't respond to Twitter ping. Up to developers how it moves forward, but please 1) keep it Open Source and 2) keep Pascal in the decision-making loop.

Erin may write a blog entry today on School Factory thing. Willow requests one blog entry per day goes live until/unless we consistently have more than one a day ready. James will give login access to to Erin so she can crosspost GWOB stuff there.

Priorities this week:


  • Move forward and get some actual response to MADpub
  • blog post
  • followup on Random Hacks stuff


  • RHoK organization
  • Challenge Session inviting
  • Star-Tides further followup
  • RHoK verbage (including bringing people from Seattle to Portland)


  • Is Tropo sponsoring each city? If so, at what amount? (see relevant cases)
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