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Develop tiered sponsorship model

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Task: Develop tiered sponsorship model

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Wednesday, May 23


Develop a tiered sponsorship model to engage other technology and aid organizations in the financial support of this program.

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Assigned: Unassigned » James Carlson

See the related Book Page with Sponsorship Levels. Do we want to revisit these in light of the new program? 

My thought:
Perhaps a level of sponsorship that is tied to the projects themselves--so "Sponsor and support ONE team program = $10k, Sponsor and support 5 teams = $50k, etc."



Project: !Governance » Adjunct Online (bring the Incubator live)

This should be adapted to the new incubator model of Corporate, Charitable, and Investment.


Due Date: »Monday, May 14

For that adaptation, I'm looking at the budget for the Accelerator, and seeing some areas that would be easy to make into sponsorship levels:

  • Sponsor the Summit (venue, travel, promo, etc.)
  • Sponsor the Scenario
  • Sponsor Hackathon

What about creating a sponsor level for a particular type of mentor or mentoring program? For example

  • Business Development (I support the biz dev function of mentorship, could be entrepreneurship dollars)
  • Marketing and Packaging (Corporate support of marketing / package design, etc. by in-kind service donation to the team)



The main things we're needing to sponsor are the support team and the stipends of the teams. With that said, I don't see this sort of tiered sponsorship as working. Perhaps orders of magnitude instead?

$50 is a fancy person

$500 is a really fancy person

$5000 I say, old chap

$50,000 Moustaches for everyone!


Due Date: Monday, May 14»Wednesday, May 23

We're making this a topic at the next advisory board meeting, where we will all be given moustaches.


Status: Open»Resolved

I think this is pretty ok where it's at, going as an ad-hoc process.