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Create physical media as appropriate (business cards, etc.)

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Assigned: Unassigned » Sasha Hay

Create a brochure and business card kit for GWOB team members. Upload sample designs and templates here when complete.

Brochure content:

See this book page for content ideas: [nodepicker==node/49438==GWOB%20Brochure%20Content==GWOB%20Brochure]

Willow will work with you on content once you have Lorem Ipsum designs ready. I will share the Dropbox folder with you with all the GWOB assets.


 business cards draft 1. I'm still tweaking the back, but let me know what you think.




business cards version 2. (The front is still the same but the back has been changed.)



These are super cool but fairly far away from my usual design pefs - not a bad thing, just a thing. Any way there could be a draft that's super minimalist? Some stylized stuff is awesome, but for me it's best when in contrast to the rest. Or maybe just consistent kerning. Thank you!



How about these? I've cut down on the design parts, and hopefully made it a little bit more minimal. let me know what you think.


I really like the back. Can we just do a logo on the front?



cool! of course. So you'd like all the text dropped. Would you like the same (grey) color scheme? Or would you like me to make it just a blank background? 


Diggz would like back of card to have logo as large as possible and using the original logo. He was saying it would be useful if you're in the situation to hold it up if you are about to get arrested, in some other country, the logo would help deter law enforcement (because it's similar to an NGO organization's logo.) 

He doesn't care as much about the front as long as it has right data.


Here is a new, minimal version of the front (which I assume is what you mean). Does this work? 


I'd say, just use the logo and nothing else. Fill that front of the card with that logo from edge to edge.


Also, here are two rough drafts of the GWOB brochure.

Any feedback, copy suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. The only real difference between the two is the cover. the second draft has a more rounded de stijl kind of design similar to my first runs with the business cards, while the third draft is a bit more minimal, to match with the new business card fronts. 



Here is a front version with the logo stretching from edge to edge as you suggested, James.




Cool! All I need then on the business card front is the info for everyone who needs one. Leave it in a response and I'll turn out personalized versions right away. 

Also, here is my first draft of a background for the gwob twitter page. This is designed to be in compliance with the latest (since october if I recall) twitter site redesign (It is 108 pixels wide which according to all of my research, is guaranteed to show up intact and complete on 74% of computers. To guarantee it shows up on all screen sizes, it would have to be 41pixels wide, which at that point, why bother?) 

This is designed to be placed as the background image with tile turned off and the background color set to 7CC242 (the gwob green).

I was going to put this as my background to demonstrate, but it appears that there is something wrong with twitter's file upload right now. :(


I uploaded the background to my twitter as an example. Here is a screencap. I think I probably need to adjust the black lines to make them fit better with the black gradient of the twitter menu bar. Either way, let me know what you all think. 



Can I get some feedback here?

Would you like me to have the business cards printed or should I just upload the illustrator files?

Is the twitter background okay?

I'd appreciate some direction on the brochure too.

We haven't had much of a dialogue going in a while. 


Oh! Yes, apologies.

I adore the Twitter background. Beautiful execution.

The one thing I'm worried about is the lack of content on the Flickr feed if we're pointing people that way. But maybe that's how we get more content?

Diggz, James, what's the timeline on business cards? I'd love high-quality stock of Moo or somewhat.


FYI, I just set up a VM-only account at (415) 735-GWOB


Status: Open»Resolved
Due Date: »Wednesday, May 23

Done for now! <3