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Direction call

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Direction call



Reading from Willow's updates
Hackathon DNA is a portion of it dedicated to helping build better tools and tracking tools for making more efficient use of hackathons [meta hackathon toolkit]
-Talk to Case and Aaron
-Conclusion of a hackathon being a learning circle - what did you learn, what can we do better?
--put that in atrium for clearing house, what did we learn?
--would help make the less technical people valuable, can help with the process
--we need a person who plays the role of the restaurant manager. who is doing what? checkins on status, coordinate and announce demos, documentation. If the ratio of coordinators to devs needs to be high
--Willow will do this weekend
How do people feel about ze Plan Willow set forth? :
seems logical, needs the structure
Donations go to completing that budget. After that's met, it goes into a transparent bucket the community dictates what it's used for. Or focus on sponsorship to fill the gap and set the conations aside. Diggz sez first money fills the gap. The resource bucket comes out at hackathons - do we toss money in or do we put more in it? Add a donation ability. Paypal thru SF that code-tracks to GWOB
Page on the School Factory site (add an "Ask")
Get Involved page : how to point us places, donate, time
Not replacing first responders or Red Cross or military, but when you're power goes out you might lend your neighbor a flashlight. Are we working with those in need of aid or those who give help? Help desk to the world, 
Disaster planning pamphlet - helping businesses going through disaster. The concentration so far had been on individuals. Second wave of failures based on debt incurred during rebuilding. There are secondary and tertiary. Link this information to GWOBorg
All these organizations exist, there are like 40 orgs all on the same level, none of them talking to each other. How do we help solve some of that instead of adding to it? *Grassroots*
What is the purpose of GWOBorg right now?
-how many consolidations of complexity we create (groups we support, programs we test, hacker communities, tools we've created to consolidate) Reducing complexity is part of the key
-reducing complexity. Also bending circuits - being able to step outside normal means of thought or process or structure to get things done. So when Egypt shut down the internet, information rerouted. Facilitate the rerouting
Key words:
consolidate, simplify, coordinate, hacker, community, purpose, build, communicate, solve, bridge, connect, extend, amplify, preparedness, 
encourage communities to be prepared in advance of a need
Crisis response part is easier to wrap mind around, get excited about. but we're not just that. therapy and advancement
We're in an R&D phase. Make other people aware that we're having that mindset. We talked to a bunch of hacker communities to gather info.
Politically - we make tools, we help people use tools, and we point out who might already have that tools. But the hammer doesn't decide how it's used - but we can help make a hammer that doesn't hurt people. Do it better.
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