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Proposed configuration plan for the Inveneo Server package

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Proposed configuration plan for the Inveneo Server package


Thank you for offering to review my proposed configuration for this server which is planned to be located at the AFCECO orphanages in Kabul.  

Here is a rough outline of the planned network that we want this server to support:
As shown in the attached diagram, the internet connection feeds into an Inveneo server that provides online and offline content to five different computer centers that are connected to each other by long distance wireless equipment.  The main center center will include about 20 workstations and each of the 5 e-Learning centers located a 5 different orphanages will have about 12 computers connected.  Therefore, the server is expected to support about 80 computers.
The server I left with you is  running Ubuntu 8.04 server (alternate build).  If you think it should be running SME server instead, I would be willing to switch.

Given below is an outline of the configuration I am proposing for this server and a NetGear router that I plan to connect to it.
1) In addition to the standard software contained in this server, please include:
  a) Caching Server enabled for web based content (It seems the squid caching web proxy software is included already on the server - It may be the same as Squid-Cache (  Do you think so?  If so, should this be enabled and configured instead of the standard Apache cache server?.

  b) Maximum # of bytes of internet access restrictions for each user (but unrestricted use of offline content such as info from e-Library attached to server)  
  c) Data server software to enable users to search and retrieve information from the server's internal hard-drive a using a standard internet browser.

  d) Account and billing management software to bill users for their time working on a work station (similar to what internet cafe owners utilize) - please recommend one and then install it for test).
  e) Web-filtering - automatic blocking of objectionable web content.
  f) Ability to allow only a preset list of websites to be accessed on internet (AFECO management may want to restrict some users access this way).
  g) Ability to log into the server and maintain it via the internet from a technical support center
  h) Setup typical user accounts with access set for a school student, teacher, community worker, adult user, administrator and super administrator.
  i) Ability to add an external USB hardrive that can server up offline content (such as the eGranary Digital Library available from Widernet (


2) Since the configuration is very involved, it would seem that the server OS partition should be completely backed up before it is shipped back to us.  Therefore, when everything is setup and tested, the person who does the configuration should to do the following:
  a) Backup the complete OS partition to an image file on the data partition on the hardrive (Either use CloneZilla or Norton Ghost).  
  b) Backup the complete OS partition to an image file on a separate external USB hardrive (we will purchase this drive).

3) In the future, I would like to see this capability if it is not already available:

  a) Automatic download pre-selected online course materials at low bandwidth IP times
  b) Automatic download pre-selected database updates at low bandwidth IP times (such as market information & newspaper articles).
  c) Automatic download of selected software upgrades and updates.
  d) Automatic download of selected e-library updates.
  e) Middleware software that it can install software updates on workstations when requested.


4) I would also like someone to configure the selected Netgear router that will perform the Network address translation (NAT) and Quality of Service (QoS) services on the network.  If possible, I would like this feature to be possible:
  a) Ability to override bandwidth allowance for one user and restrict others when needed. This is to enable a good quality skype video and audio calls when needed.
  Note:  I understand the Inveneo Server can be loaded with MasterShaper ( but if we do so, "Another device between the MasterShaper box and the internet must perform Network Address Translation (NAT -  At the same time, I think this could overload the CPU of the Inveneo Server so, for now, I do not want to try to program this server to perform QoS.  Instead I am proposing we use a Netgear router to perform this service.  Do you think this is a good plan? 

It seems to me that we need to develop a proper "Statement of Work" that describes exactly how we want the server configured.  If you can help me do this, that would be great.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Paul Stevers, Founder & President
CharityHelp International Inc.
P.O. Box 1904
Annapolis, MD   21404
US Cel: 617-283-8688
Bda Cell: 441-735-6301

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