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Random Hacks of Kindness tri-city checkin

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Random Hacks of Kindness tri-city checkin


Aaron Huslage - will be where he needs to be. I can be a mediator/facilitator. Help people out the way I did in Toronto. Any ideas of how to work on a shared project across cities? Need a better infrastructure for sharing information - have a list of things that need to be done, link across that, sign up to do a task. Knows some people who can provide video conferencing things, operates pretty well.

David, James, Sasha - MKE

Willow - PDX

Picking a good problem definition means being in touch with people weeks beforehand to learn more detail. Curate a few good ones, have people sign up in advance and go with the things. Blog on Atrium about potential ideas that we can all work on together.

MKE - at Bucketworks. Talking about who to talk to about food sponsorship and other sponsorship. Food possibly, marketing and promotional stuff as well. Update all this in Atrium so everyone knows what is going on. Sasha is working on poster which will work for all the cities.

PDX - venue secured, working on Amtrak sponsorship. MKE team will see if they can do that for CHI as well. Will talk to PSO. Pitching game on Friday night.


Next steps:

  • figuring out sponsorship for MKE, then into marketing; likewise in PDX
  • Sasha should be done with something for us to look at soon
  • Willow will set up a doodle for two weeks out. Local planning needs to happen in the intervening week
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MKE - going to check out Backspace for gathering Friday night (Willow will ping Case)

Doodle :


Set for Wednesday the 26th at 10a PST. Hope to hear you there!


Please have provided feedback for Sasha on their poster:
Please have your Atrium up-to-date so we can talk about upcoming logistics and spend less time on updates. Willow will have posted notes from Challenge Storm by then.
You are encouraged to invite other relevant people to this call.
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