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Blog post about CHI solar WIFI station

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Task: Blog post about CHI solar WIFI station

Assigned To: 
Tim Syth
Due Date: 
Monday, May 7

I've queued up a post about the Charity Help International call to action for creating a more open source WIFI station.

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Project: !Communications » Publish blog posts
Assigned: Matt Borgatti » James Carlson

M@, looks good to me - just link to the Atrium post for people who want to interact with us on moving forward. (

James and Diggz, this is queued to go live Monday morning (the 17th). Please provide any feedback by then.


Status: Open » Resolved

This went live, I assume it was also paid for.


Was posted live. Has not yet been paid for. The best way to go about that would be to email a copy of my invoice to the GWOB accountant and CC you and James?


Yes, please send invoice to me james at schoolfactory, I'll disburse payment.


Done. Thank you.


Status: Resolved»Deferred
Due Date: »Sunday, May 6

I have taken care of the $305 out of my own pocket due to the incredibly delayed process. Please reimburse me for this.

You sent a paymentTransaction ID: 19H120850W661412J

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You sent a payment for $305.00 USD to Matthew Borgatti.

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Amount:Sent on:Payment method:
$305.00 USD
May 1, 2012
Credit Card Payment



Status: Deferred»Open
Due Date: »Friday, May 4

I will deposit a reimbursement in your account directly tomorrow.




Assigned To: James Carlson»Tim Syth
Priority: Normal»High
Due Date: Friday, May 4»Monday, May 7
Tim, can you please take a check in the amount above to the Wells Fargo bank on 12th and Wisconsin and deposit it to Willow? I will send you other identifier info via text. Please do today!


Status: Open»Resolved



Thank you, Tim!