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Can Rackspace host GWOB projects?

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Task: Can Rackspace host GWOB projects?

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James Carlson

In your talks with the lovely folk at Rackspace, you've said they support members of the Space Federation with sponsored hosting. Could this also be the case for GWOB? Having an incubation space for a lot of these projects will keep momentum going, reduce setup time for things like RHoK projects, and create an apolitical space for projects out of RHoK to continue being used.

Primary examples are:

  • MADpub : damage assessment
  • SAARAA : situational awareness
  • RHoK : prepared servers for projects so developers spend time developing, not finding servers.
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Yes, Rackspace can probably do this. I will set up a Book page with the relevant information. At the very least, we should be able to get a hosting credit that can be applied to the projects.


Thank you. Please link to notebook page when you close the case.

Wheeee Atrium!


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Due Date: »Thursday, May 10

From recent conversations, I take this as a "no". Will point people to the Rackspace entreprenuer's page, or to personal contacts.