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Problem Definition Template

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Problem Definition Template

What makes a good problem definition?

  • Story of Impact : How will this be used? What will it be used for? Who will benefit, and how?
    • How do people solve this problem now? Why would changing that process benefit?
    • "If we have an accurate story of exactly what's necessary, it's already solved or it's urgent. Tell stories about how it's aggravating and time could be spent on other things."
  • Achievable : Based on how much time the hackathon covers, what is possible to accomplish in a coherent and robust manner? Remember that geeks are quick but snafus are by nature unexpected.
  • Test of Success : How will you know that what has been built is successful?
  • Clear Context : Can people find this tool when it would be needed? How? What is it being used for? Could it be used for other things, good or bad?
  • Clear Restrictions : What is the environment the tool is being used in? Who will be trying to gain the information pulled in by your tool? How is the data being transmitted, to where, and why?



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