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Publicize CrisisCamp

This Group is archived. You may not add or alter any of its content.

Task: Publicize CrisisCamp

Assigned To: 
  • Web presence
    • website - or subdomain on relevant site. This is the one place all other info pulls from, so you only have to update in one place. This informs your True Fans that you are holding an event.
    • mailing lists - hit relevant mailing lists. Do people in the CC community live in that city? Do they know anyone who does? Is there a dorkbot or a Redcross that might be interested?
    • twitter - post to Twitter. Wring your hands for retweets
    • facebook - I don't know what happens here, haven't used it in ages. Create an event, I assume
    • eventbrite - Predict how many people are attending via an eventbrite.
    • local event calendars - go to the community you'll be associating with!
  • Meatspace - Flyers!
    • create - make the pretty
    • print - print the pretty
    • post - go around with a staple gun in the rain for long hours around relevant neighborhoods and shops