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Secure sponsors for Crisis Camp example

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Task: Secure sponsors for Crisis Camp example

Assigned To: 
Willow Brugh

We all love doing good work for good causes, but if it costs us money to do so, we might balk.

You will likely need to secure sponsorship for the following items:

  • Venue
  • Food (estimate $12/person/meal)
  • Beverages (Coffee is an absolute must. Soda is nice. Water is lovely. Beer is a double-edged sword)
  • Prizes are nice to have. Don't do one big one but many small ones. Remember there will be multiple people on teams. You can also guide participation with prizes, doing things like rewarding for research or documentation or modularity

Talk to local vendors about your cause and request they support you. Find a local 501c3 to fiscally sponsor you or ask GWOB.