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Task: Find new hosting for GWOB

James, if you can get me that link to Rackspace stuff, I can submit to be hosted by them.

Absolute deadline is 1/25

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Let's move this to the School Factory's servers at Rackspace. Where can I get all the username and password information? I've set up a Google Spreadsheet here and shared with Diggz and Willow. David, I'm notifying you about this to warn you because I might as you for help with this.



Will this be a new Rackspace server we spin up?  Or something we'd sneak into our existing servers?  Is this a Drupal site?

The thing is that our current server architecture is basically setup to only run Drupal sites hosted through Aegir.  Of course, we could come up with a way to sneak something else in, but everything is optimized/configured for this type of homogenous environment.  As we continue to optimize for performance, this will become more and more the case.


Most are wordpress.

There are:,,, and

Ideally, we could offer hosting to promising projects as they get on their feet / are created at hackathons.


Yeah, if this is going to be hosting for "anything", I think a new server should be spun up for it.  Of course, I'm not the one paying for it. :-) But from a pure technical perspective.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about this, there has got to be a seperate Rackspace account for Schoolfactory, right?  I know we are currently hosting on the BucketB account, which is why I got thinking about our existing Rackspace servers, but the deal that was worked out with them has to be on another account, right?

If there is such an account, I don't have access to it.  But if I did, I could spin up a new server in 5 minutes!


Is this sorted yet? Inching up on time. Would also LOVE to bring GWOB down for SOPA tomorrow.


Diggz, is the FTP username for gwob or something else? I have the password--please take a look at the spreadsheet.


GWOB will be offline for 10 days to protest SOPA, and also to swap sites.

Willow Brugh : you get passwords to james?


John Higgins : there's not really any more passwords to give.  There is no FTP access to the existing site.  I need to get someone at voxeo to zip it up and hand it over.

Willow Brugh : that would be awesome

John Higgins : I have that on my list.  primary focus is get the new WP site up.  I can give the whole existing site over as a zip.  and then we just need to import the data.  The DNS is a quick change but it's in my account with all my other DNS stuff


So, James should spin up a new server and then he or David can put the new Wordpress instance on it, yes?


Bump? We're up on deadline.


Bump?! Absolute deadline hit, please do not make it so the site goes down.


I just got the Schoolfactory Rackspace creds last night and I spun up a new server to host this stuff.  I believe James already has the zip files?  Anyway, I could definitely do this if someone (James or John Higgins) got them to me.

The IP is, in case someone wants to get ready for the DNS change.  Is it th site that we're moving?


Assigned: David Snopek » Unassigned


I'm with PS:1. I talked to James a long while back about Rackspace donating server accounts to School Factory and the hackerspaces associated to host things on. I'm looking for something to move our wiki and a few 'space services' servers onto, something that isn't in the hands of one member. Is it possible PS:1 can get a delegated account?  Our goal is to have something that is controlled fully by 'the space' and not dependant on any single person.



Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by a delegated account? I'm not that experienced with fancy UNIX security setups. If you've got some ideas, I can definitely help set them up. At this point, we've just got a bunch of user acounts with 'sudo' so they basically have full control over the server. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


When I say delegated account, I mean that normally I expect hosting providers to provide a machine portal. Like a place you log into to spin up new instances, shut down old ones, manage their IP information, etc. A place to provision new servers on their platform. Normally these would have a type of delegated admin, or reseller account where you can say hey, Rhys Rhaven is allowed a maxium of 2GB of resources and a maximum of 6 machines. And then I can use that allocation to run my own servers.

That is what I envisioned rackspace was giving The School Factory.


Rhys, Rackspace is just giving 'hosting credits' like the ones they give their startup program participants. (I don't see the Space Federation listed but you can simply put it in the blanks when you fill in the application form.) I think what you're asking for could be obtained that way. (Are you looking for hosting for yourself or your space?)

Each applicant would be responsible for setting up their own environment, rather than being under our host environment--I would imagine. I could be wrong.

At least in this case, we're setting up a server we can use for all the School Factory programs (GWOB, Bucketworks, etc.)

My suggestion: Let's talk about this in the Space Federation group instead.


Diggz, do you have the zip files?


Assigned: James Carlson » Diggz

Ok, talked with Diggz: he said, we have extended time to get this done (30 days.) But let's get it done now. He will get the files. Diggz, I'm putting this on your plate--reply by email if you like to let us know when you're done.


Diggz and I spoke about this. I'm happy to get this completed ASAP if I can get files and credentials on the new box.


Assigned: Diggz » David Snopek

Aaron: Here are the files:

David, can you set up creds for Aaron on the new server and email to him?


Assigned: Unassigned » David Snopek

May I also get creds so that I may, at long last, make the site presentable?




I still need to get creds on the new box. Unless someone else moved the stuff. -- Aaron Huslage sent via mobile device


James, these links are broken!  Can you please post again?


I can't, actually--Diggz posted them to me in an email, and I posted them here.

Diggz, the links have expired. Can you re-share your dropbox links again? 


it's not my dropbox account.  I'll have to put in another request to Voxeo netops.  :(



Got the code on the new server, thanks!  Is there a db dump coming?


Seems the site is back up - is that on our servers or still elsewhere?


Sorry everyone! I didn't see this because notifications were broken for a couple weeks and I'm personally 100% dependent on e-mail. :-) I created creds (with sudo) for both Willow and Aaron (I'll e-mail you both in a moment). You should talk with Tim Syth who has been setting up this server (he put OpenPanel on it).


Willow, do you need me to do anything then? Is the data already up there?


If you can load this on, it would be *wonderful*

I can take care of it from there.




Assigned: David Snopek » Diggz

Ok! The data and code are loaded on the Schoolfactory Rackspace server.

It's IP is:

All that needs to be done now is a DNS update.  It looks like the DNS is at  If we're going to keep using them for DNS, please update the records!

If we want to use Rackspace for the DNS, please let me know all the current DNS records (besides and - I got those) and I'll get them transferred in and get you the list of nameservers.

Sorry again that this took so long to get done!


when I go to that IP address I see this (should I be?):


It looks like you forgot to paste something.  In any case, it's a vhost, so to see the site, you have to put:

In your /etc/hosts file and then visit in your web browser (probably close and reopen it after making the hosts change).

I put a file at:

To tell if you are on the Rackspace server or the old one.

Hope that helps!


Thank you so much, David!


I did a bunch of prep work so it's ready to go just as soon as the DNS is updated. Diggz, when can you do this?


Please be sure to grab all posts after 28c3 video post, too. Those have happened after the backup.


There seems to be something odd with the wordpress install. 

When you try to view an individual post, such as:

you get an error:<




Status: Open » Resolved

I think this task is DONE.


YAY! High fives for everyone.


Willow, are the FTP and OpenPanel logins that I gave you working for you? Were you able to install that Wordpress theme? If you haven't tried them, please give them a try quick so that I know everything is in order before we all move on to other things. :-)


I was able to install it, but we're looking at other ones instead. We're in the clear. I appreciate it!


I'd like to thank the Academy... 

Seriously thanks everyone for their work on this.  Question:
Need help?

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