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Sync up soon?

How about we arrange a G+ hangout and see where M30/TSF are at? It's been a while since we've all talked directly, and I'd love to see your faces and have you meet some of our new team members and plot a strategy for moving forward with our partnership.

When might work?

Open Source Hardware Association

A possible partner? Maybe a way to spread ODE?

Open-Source Hardware Association!

How should we track Mach 30s willingness to help on Grants/Asks?

I've entered the rest of Mach 30's responsiblities into the case manager, but this one doesn't seem to go there:

Volunteer the support of Mach 30 with asks

  1. Letters of recommendation
  2. Verbal support


How do we want to track that we are ready and willing to help in this way?

One thing I thought of is James could agree to create a "request" case when he needs our help.

I'm (obviously) also open to other suggestions.


Need help?


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