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Transfer Open Design Engine to School Factory hosting resources

Task: Transfer Open Design Engine to School Factory hosting resources

Assigned To: 
J. Simmons
Due Date: 
Friday, Mar 23
  1. Provide hosting
  2. Connect IT resources from M30 to SF resources
  3. Transition hosting
  4. Announce transition
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Is there any progress on the new ODE server info?



No progress yet. David Snopek (who I am temporarily adding to this group to help us out) is our hosting expert. 

David, can you (or Paul, actually) connect with the Mach 30 tech resources to move ODE to our SF Rackspace account? I think the ideal would be linking up with the Mach 30 tech hosting team (who I think is not Jedibfa) to get a dump of the current codebase. 

Alternative: just give the M30 people shell access to SF's Rackspace and share creds as appropriate. 

Jay, who are the people we should talk to about this on your end? Could we invite them here?


I am actually the main PoC for IT related items at Mach 30.  They should just get with me.



Bumping to make sure folks saw my reply on Sunday.


James and David--

We've still not heard from anyone on this and it's mission-critical for us to get moved over.  Is there any way for us to contact this Paul person directly?


Assigned To: James Carlson»J. Simmons

Credentials sent to J. Simmons. Once you get things moved over, update us!


Adding myself to notification list since I'm assisting in the server migration.


Attachments: »+

Uploaded a process list from the server.  We want to go through and lock things down.

Is there anything that is not part of the default Ubuntu install or required Xen tools that we need to keep?


Since there was no response, I eliminated everything we didn't need off the server.  If something has to be reinstalled let me know.


Sorry guys, apparently GWOB was on the server. I was unaware that it had been moved. I see that you have a call set up this evening to talk with the GWOB team about migrating the site.

In the future please call me at 414-215-0215 if you need urgent help; also please reassign tasks to me if you want me to do work on them (else I don't see them on my list of tasks.) Just pick my name in the "Assigned to" list and leave a comment with what you need me to do. 

Thanks and again sorry about all the confusion!


Status: Open»Resolved

Bryan and I got ODE transferred to the new server today.  I am marking this issue as resolved, though I am sure Bryan and I will have a few things to fix over the next week or so.


Congrats! Is there a test / preview URL? 


The live site ( is actually running on the new server.


Just FYI, Rackspace server for SF was down today. Discovery at around 1424CST, resolution at 1535CST. Live chat in IRC.