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Parking Lot Ideas


Parking Lot Ideas



  1. SF “sponsors” features for spaces to use ODE - drives a feature with member space input - exploratory
  2. Host or design Training workshops for spaces on how to use Open Design Engine for their work?
    1. Description of each of the ODE features
    2. Philosophy of open hardware
    3. What it means to develop openly
    4. What it means to provide “good” documentation
    5. Licensing an idea
  3. Future work - Develop “Rocket Shop” modules for Space Federation member spaces
    1. group rates on insurance policy
    2. package of materials on how to get started in spaceflight projects

Mach 30

  1. Course development around governance and decision making in *spaces
    1. Program management, implementation and leadership for TSF projects and programs focused on Leadership Development and Decision-Making for *spaces as a Schools for Communities program (see
    2. Content includes consensus based facilitation of meetings/strategic planning sessions
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