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Include School Factory on Mach 30 Partner Page

Task: Include School Factory on Mach 30 Partner Page

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, Apr 13

Need to create Mach 30 partners page first.

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Hey James,  

In order to finish the Mach 30 partnership page we need a finalized copy of the MOA.  I've attached a PDF of the one we created from the Google Doc. with J's signiture.  Please sign and repost for our records.  Once we have a date for your signiture we'll post a link to the agreement on our newly created partnership page.



Status: Open » Resolved

We went ahead and posted the partners page here:  James--once you sign the partnership agreement we'll include a link to it on this page as well.


Status: Resolved » Open
Assigned: Maureen Carruthers » James Carlson

Reopened for James to share signed copy of Partnership agreement.  Thanks!


I think James may have signed the partnership agreement and then saved it in the notebook rather than sharing here (or maybe it was shared in the notebook before this post even started).  Link to final document is here:  James--we still don't have a date by your signiture.  Once we get that we should be all set.


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Signature date added. Attached signed copy. Resolving!


Status: Open»Resolved

Thanks everyone!