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Activity Template


This is our working sample template:

Activity Sample Template source

Activity Guide: Rocket Scientist Jeopardy
Workshop Designer: [YOUR NAME]

PREREQUISITE WORKSHOP: [previous activity in the sequence of larger activities or ‘arc’ of learning]

DIFFICULTY OR CATEGORY: [game, single activity, one session, present this list by group when we have 100s of items, design to permit search by activity] -- taxonomy of keywords: “single night” or “on-going activity”

RISK AND SAFETY: [rated on a hand having 0-5 fingers]

GOALS or LEARNING INTENTIONS: To educate the scouts on basic astronautical engineering.

TIME: 50 minutes


  • Scouts will be able to identify various types of engineering properties.
  • Scouts will be able to apply concepts to real world examples.


  • Computer
  • Game Board program
  • Projector
  • Extension Cord
  • Power Strip


  • Blank wall for projector
  • Set up 4 tables with 4 chairs per table


  • Introduction/Instructions- 5 minutes
  • Play game- 40 minutes
  • Debrief/Discussion- 5 minutes


  1. The facilitator will begin by explaining the purpose of the game. This game should be used as a fun primer to astronautical engineering and that scouts should not become too competitive.
  2. Regardless if the question is answered correctly or not, the facilitator will review the answer and provide supporting information then move on. Supporting Information sheet is attached.
  3. The facilitator will make sure the teams are arranged properly and explain the rules below aloud.

RULES OF THE GAME: (a different kind of Jeopardy)

To determine who chooses a question first, I will select a number from 1 to 100. The team with the closest guess goes first. The game will play somewhat similar to normal Jeopardy. There will be 4 categories: Fill-in-the-Blank, Multiple Choice, Pictionary and Taboo. Each category contains 4 questions.

Fill-in-the-Blank: When a team selects this type of question, they will be presented with a factual statement and asked to provide an answer for the blank portion. You will have 30 seconds to respond.

Multiple Choice: When a team selects this type of question, you will be presented with a question followed by 5 potential answers to the question, one of which is correct. You will have 30 seconds to respond.

Pictionary: When a team selects this type of question, the team will choose one person to perform the task. I will whisper the word to the team representative. You will be given 45 seconds to draw something that represents the given word or phrase to get your team to correctly guess. The artist is NOT allowed to write, speak, or act out any words. They ARE allowed to motion to their team that they are/aren’t on the right track. If these rules are violated, the team will be disqualified and not receive any points.

Taboo: When a team selects this type of question, the team will choose one person from their team to perform the task. I will give the representative a word or phrase and a subsequent list of words they are NOT allowed to use. The representative will be given 30 seconds to describe the word or phrase without using any words on the list. If the representative uses any of the “violation words” the team will be disqualified and will not receive points.

  • Each question is worth 100 points.
  • Once the question is presented on the screen/wall, only that team may answer.
  • If the team answers correctly, points are collected and the next team in the rotation chooses a question. If the team answers incorrectly, the team will receive zero points and no other teams will have an opportunity to answer the selected question. The next team in rotation will select a new question.

To debrief, the facilitator will pass out the (SCOUT GUIDE/one pager- to be created) “You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist….” handout. Discuss experiences scouts have had with material. [expand this section- possible separate template for wrapping up sessions]

What questions to ask?
Evaluation of exercise -- kids write what they think into a box or answer a short survey
How well did you think you did at this? -rank-

Pairs well with Bottle Rockets (WORKSHOP GUIDE- to be created)
[Link here to next activity in the arc]


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