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Create an Advisory Board

Task: Create an Advisory Board

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, May 18

We want to find parents of kids who are connected to the maker movement and invite them to join an advisory board.

The Advisory Board will meet frequently during the initial phases of program development to build a model we can prototype with three spaces in the federation.

We need to build a basic commitment statement for Advisory Board members that outlines their responsibilities and communications schedule, and find between 7-9 other people who are passionate about this idea. 

If you have names of people you think we should contact, make a comment if you reach out or want anyone else to do so.

Contribute to the Advisory Board Charter to define how the group will interact.

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Status: Open»Resolved

I'm considering the members of this group to be the Advisory Board for the time being. If you're not into being on the Advisory Board at this time, just remove yourself from this group using the Membership button up top! Thanks.