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Schedule and host first Advisory Board remote meeting

Task: Schedule and host first Advisory Board remote meeting

Assigned To: 
James Carlson
Due Date: 
Friday, May 18

Schedule and invite Advisory Board members (see Create an Advisory Board (Case in Makerscouts)) to an initial online meeting to brainstorm mission, vision, values, and program activity template.

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Can you join us for a 30 minute introductory conference call at 7pm CST May 4 2012? 


  • Quick introductions (10 min)
  • Vision, Mission, Values discussion (15 min)
  • Schedule regular interaction between us (5 min)

Please leave a comment if you can join us, so we know who to expect. I'll post the dial-in information here after we receive more confirmations that we can do this. 



I can definitely be there tomorrow.
If others who are interested need a better time post your suggestions so we can work out what is best for everyone. Also if you just can't make this call it by no means excludes you from future collaboration. Please just comment here on some of your thoughts about Vision, Mission, and Values. If you take the time to comment ahead of the meeting I will personally make sure each persons voice is heard during the call. 
Also let us know when a more convenient time for regular meeting could be. So we can maximize participation in the future.


I'll be on the call. 


I won't be available tomorrow night, but would like to be included on any shared documents, meetings notes, etc., and look forward to the next call.


Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend. We have our last scout camping trip of the season tomorrow, so I will be without technology! Will someone be taking minutes and posting?


I'm afraid I also fall into the unable to attend category.  Like all the others, I'd love to get some minutes or documentation that comes out of the call!<


Ack! Something has come up and I WON'T be able to be on the call tonight. :( 


Since it would only be James and I on the call tonight I don't think this is the best time. Could you all suggest another time that would work this coming week so we can get at least 4 people in on the call?


James if you still want to talk just give me a call.


Aloha - James just added me to the group.  I have a makerspace on Maui and we have a number of kids (and parents) with strong interest.  I was talking up the Maker Scout idea and some of the kids are all over it.  They are currently active in Boy Scouts (not sure what level - 5th grade?) and have gotten some of their friends excited.

I'd like to join the call, but I'm not sure if I can make a 7pm CST time.  Thats (i think) 2pm out here on HST and I'm running errands downhill.  I'll check back on email to see if there is a confirmed time.

Otherwise I'll be at Space Camp on 17May and da faire all weekend..

jerry (isdale at gmail)


Tuesday or Wednesday next week are best for me. Do we want to set up one of those meeting thingies that Willow always does to give people a chance to say which days and times they are available? 


I will set up a Doodle and post a link here. For now let's cancel this call! Thanks for being responsive and keep an eye out for the doodle update.


I am glad there are so many people interested in this. I think it is really important that we get as many voices involved early as possible. I look forward to the meeting next week.


Me too--this is really exciting!

Sign up to claim a time slot. I tried to scatter across hours and days of the week next week. 



Well we have 3 people who have listed their time preferences. If you want to particpiate in the phone callplease click the link and post your preferences. 

If you could do this by today so we can plan for a meeting later in the week.


Keep those votes coming! Please pick a slot so we can lock this down. tonight is in the lead but I know Lishevita cannot participate tonight and I think it would be great if she could be on this call.


Looks good --- if you do decide to do it today.  Please call me at home 808.573.7606 to give me a heads up.

I'm out in the back building my workshop and wont see any email/txt.  Wife *may* answer phone and pass me the message.


I CAN be on the call today afterall. My other meeting got canceled. I definitely can't make It on Thursday which is the other day we have everyone. So, shall we just go for it tonight?


Just to check those are all central time right?


Jarick, on Doodle, it lets you pick what time zone you want to see the times in, so that you can figure things out based on your local schedule.  That's one of the nice things about the tool.

Look along the line where it says "Table View" then "Calendar View" then there is a little printer icon, and then to the right is a drop down where you can pick your timezone.


SO are we on for 30 mins from now?


I say let's do it. Can everyone jump on a G+ hangout? That would work best. Anyone _can't_ do G+? I will invite you by emails from Atrium.


I cant find you on G+... What are your contact names?


Here's a link to the Google Hangout. If anyone cannot participate, let me know and I'll dial you in and put you on speaker.

We will capture our notes into a Google Doc and post here in the Notebook when done.



Google plus is giving me problems



If you're not able to participate tonight, I'm keeping the poll open for all slots this week.

Who was on the call:


  1. Lisha: Berkeley, member of Mothership Hackermoms, educational consultant, helping organizations and people learn how to learn -- Will see Shannon Weds
  2. Jerry Isdale ( Maui Makers / Hackerspace Space Program; orig from Crashspace LA; learning platform on how to start a makerspace, mentored robotics club at King Kekaulike HS (Maui) and had mixed results. Fuel for competition and kids don’t necessarily want to do that. Arduino = expression and creativity, better results. Taught Hawaii STEM conf on sewing LEDs.  Several local kids (hs and primary) interested in our makerspace.
  3. James - School Factory
  4. Jarick (MakeLab Charleston) - New England native, Navy experience

All the Notebook pages related to the strategy, vision, and mission have been updated with the results of the discussion.

I've also published a Near-Term Strategy (Book page in Makerscouts) that I am hoping this week we can agree / revise and then start assigning tasks and accountabilities. 

I will set up another G+ hangout on the other times posted in the Doodle, and update here with links. 

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Tonight's G+ hangout!



We reviewed today's updates--quite a lot of great work from Dan and Jarick and Lisha! 

We'll continue hosting calls, and reviewing the site updates this week. Keep contributing your ideas and content. Next call is 830pm CST May 10.

The farther we get with defining our vision, principles, and mission the easier it will be for us to 'test' our Activity Designs against them and create something with a true integrity. 


Soon we'll need some Beta Scouts! And a limited edition v0.1 badge. :-)


Not going to make it tonight.


I will post a link for tonight's hangout at 825pm CST.


Tonight's Google Plus Hangout link! 

Agenda - 

  • What was great about your week?
  • What inspired you about Makerscouts in the last 2 days?
  • What do we need to do next?
  • Who will tackle the specifics?




Today's Google Plus hangout link. Let's keep it short because it's a weekend!


James - when you post a G+ link, could you also indicate the start/end time please?

I keep getting the notices but when I hit the links I get The Party's Over notice.

Answering the question "What inspired you about Makerscouts in the last 2 days?":

1) getting positive reaction on about creating an online, open curricullum for badges, etc.

2) having a couple kids at our space thursday night. Although we were painting the walls and they only helped that a bit, they were excited about Maker Scout idea.


Hi everyone, I signed up a bit ago and am slow on joining in. I'm Sam and a founding member of Mothership Hackermoms as well as belong to Ace Monster Toys in oakland. Unfortunately, right now is a difficult time for me to participate with the maker Faire just a weekend away! I am speaking and I also have to have our own Hacker Scouts program scheduled finished. I would love to share more about that but I know the limitations I will have with all this work and three kids! So, I just wanted to touch base and introduce myself! Thanks, Sam


Status: Open»Resolved

This task is complete. I'll add more advisory board related tasks soon.