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Status Update


Status Update


Let me begin by saying that I am excited by the recent surge in interest. As the Summer has begun and schedules have become more crammed activity has begun to wain. In an attempt to refocus the groups efforts I am going to give a rundown of our overall progress and what the next steps have to be. I hope this serves as a motivational list of objectives.

What has been decided:

1. Maker Scouts will be an inclusive organization with no discrimination based on sexual orientation or religious beliefs of children or parents.

2. Maker Scouts core values are Curiosity, Creativity, Compassion, and Courage. Look Here for what that means.

3. The Goal of Maker Scouts is to engage children and their parents in STEAM based activities to foster our core values.

What Needs Doing:

1. Website improvements- If you are good with web design and would like to create our new website respond here and I will get working with you. The current website is being run by me but it is nothing special.

2. Activity development- Look what has been suggested here. The TLDR, We need to come up with an introductory set of activities for our test troops to work with and report back on. Activities should cover 3-4 meetings covering introduction/theory, design/planning, construction, and  evaluation. Look at some of the examples in the link above. Also there are a lot of ideas here. Keep cost and the level of children in mind.

3. Test Troops- You would think this would be the easy one. We need to get three test troops to start testing out activities and report on best practices. How can we best accomplish this? First we need to get the word out. If you know parents with kids between 8 and 12 see you if can get them excited to work on something like this. We also need to create materials that can be passed out to people en-mass in our test markets. If you are good at graphic design and would like to help make pamphlets or fliers that would be great. We also need to identify with certanty the interested parties who will spend the time on the ground creating a local Maker Scout test troop.


4. Badges/Acknowledgments- Multiple Ideas have been passed around virtual badges, portfolios, individualized badges, flags, trinkets. There is almost a problem of to much choice. My personal thoughts are that there should be some physical item that kids can have to display their accomplishment. Some have suggested that badges only work with a uniform, however, James and I have tossed around the idea of Maker Scout Backpacks/tool bags. These would be an excellent place for badges. Additionally the idea of portfolios is amazing. It encourages documentation and provides a resume building resource when college and job application time comes arround.
There are other things to do but I believe these are the highest priority items. As always I believe that majority rules and that the best decisions are made in an active and engaged group. If you have modifications suggestions or want to tackle some of these items please post a comment or email me

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I'm very much a Jack-of-All-Trades-Master-of-None so I CAN do a few of those items I'm not sure I should. 

1.  Websites are easy, as you said you've got the basics done it's updating that you have to come up with.  The big question at the moment is what do you NEED in a website?  Honestly I think you have a "good enough to start" design now it just needs filled in.  Now if you want something fancy and all that count me out.  I know basic HTML and I use programs to build pages more than anything.

2.  I have an idea for a 3D Modeling program.  It's very much an "A" project at first but since we are putting "A" into the program it leads directly into the other ones thanks to CAD and 3D printing and the like.  Plus the programs are 100% free (Blender, DAZ3D, GIMP, and the like)  the only down side is it requires computers.  So maybe not an introductory program? 

Another idea is basically Autoshop 101.  An introduction to the internal combustion engine.  I remember going through high school and in my senior year specifically asking to take Auto shop as I wanted to know how to fix my own car.  ('79 Caprice classic Station wagon) I remember how I learned the steps of a 4 stroke engine as the shop looked out at the football field while another class was having PE.  The shop teacher would say, "What do you see when you look out there?"  I.C. P.E.  Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust.  I'll never forget that and it's a good plan for makers of all ages.  The physical projects would be things like Oil Changes, Air Filter Changes and why they're important.  Hell CHANGING A TIRE is a big thing that too many don't know step one about. :(

3.  Unfortunetly I'm new to the area, but I may have some buddies back in Barstow/Victorville, CA who might be a good test bed troop.  Esepcially if you pick a car program of some kind, any problems with me running this all past them?  My kids are 3 and -0.5 right now so too young for the maker test beds. 

4.  You know toolbelts/boxes with badges/emblems actually sound PERFECT.  They could also be an introductory project.  How to build a Toolbox is a basic woodshop project and could easily be part of an "Introduction to woodworking" project line.  A  leatherworking program could create tool belts, and a metalshop class line could lead to tool chests.  Each one could be used to display your awards.  I like it, it's physical and practical.   :)




Wanted to show you guys this, it is very early still working on it any sugestions let me know. 

i also wanted to say the tool box patch idea is a great one. 

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Is anyone gifted with design skills who can make a flyer? I started working on one to pass out at the upcoming NC Maker Faire and realized I am not able to make anything look good.


I can, ill try to have it up by tuesday. 


Hey Jarick the flyer is mostly finshed just putting the last few words on it now. is there anything imperticularly u want me to put on there (and  im sorry i now i cant spell).


Ok guys here's the flyer i made, i know i need to change the color scheme up. I use Make Magizines color scheme as a refrence, give me some idea on what our colors should be. Check my spelling im horrible when i comes to spelling. I'm including a blank verision and my version.  Any idea or questions let me know. thanks, ps i think we should all have a google+ hangout seasion when we can. I feel we could get more done by talking about what needs to get done and it would probably be a little faster. thanks again

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flyer_revision1.png130.69 KB


Seems a bit wordy but it kind of needs to be I guess.  :)

You missed a comma between technology and engineering but that's just nitpicking. 


As for a Google Hangout I'm down for attempting to show up but I'm on rotating shifts so.... :(

I'm James Yee on Google Plus.





will have to find a day and time that works for every one but in the mean time here is my google+


Hope everything goes well at maker fair this weekend this weekend jarick.

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