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Tribe/Crew younger ages


Tribe/Crew younger ages

I am interested and ready to start a tribe/crew of younger makers, 5-8 yr. range.  The kids are ripe for this kind of focus.  It would help if the activities/projects were sorted or indexed with age range.  I'm capable of searching up and down the ranges but looking through everything is overwhelming.   The 5's are just the right age to set on a maker path.  Their minds and imaginations are outpacing their fine motor coordination.    Sue

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Sue, That is awesome. Currently we are focusing on trying to build the organization for kids around 10 years old plus or minus a couple years. I completely agree that we need to do something for younger kids though. In the future I am sure we will spend more time working on different age ranges both younger and older. I would love it if you would let us know what types of things you are doing so that we can incorporate your activities into our future goals.

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