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Balsa Glider


Balsa Glider

Activity Arc Guide: Balsa Gliders
Workshop Designer: Maker Scouts
PREREQUISITES:  [MakerScouts Tribe Welcome]


Individual Activity


Group Activity


Paired Activity


Game / Warm Up Activity 
Duration (no. of nights)


Age Range


Keywords: aerodynamics, balsa, wing, flight 

Risk Assessment
Number of Participants:
Assessed Risks:  Whatever you have identified as in an way dangerous. I.e. sharp objects; crossing a road; lots of people running about; explosives; disarming nuclear devices...
Risk Mitigation: What you intend to do to do to reduce any risks: work in pairs, safety cert. requirement, if taking outside have looked at the area beforehand, extra helpers to supervise groups doing soldering for example...  

STEAM Goals:Scouts will gain an understanding of the principles of flight.

They will become aware of the forces, aerodynamics and mathematics involved and how these can become affected or modified. They will design and construct their own gliders gaining skills and confidence with the tools required and compete with each other for flight time and distance.

List of Activities Included
  1. Paper Airplanes
  2. Design Night
  3. Balsa Build Night
  4. Competition
4Cs Goals (Curiosity, Compassion, Creativity, Courage):

They will learn in groups and pairs; keep a record of their progress and assess their own and others’ performance.  

How the activity aligns with the values:
  1. Curiosity: Observation, Exploration, Skill, Knowledge
  2. Compassion: Group work, pair work, sharing results: Empathy, Respect,
  3. Creativity: Designing something new from scratch, Self-Expression, Value Creation, Uniqueness, Craftsmanship
  4. Courage: Perserverance, Integrity, Honesty
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Google Docs Balsa Glider Activity Pack


Paul and I worked on this today. We have completed the main page for the activity arc pack and the instructions for the first activity in the arc, using the template as a base from which to work.

We'll be adding in the Assessment piece shortly.

Re: [School Factory] Balsa Glider

Is this shared publicly? It's showing a blank page for me

Hmmm... yes. It is shared

Hmmm... yes. It is shared publicly. Try this link:

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