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Next Makerscout planning call this Saturday, 8/4!


Next Makerscout planning call this Saturday, 8/4!

Hello Everyone! I'm sending out this friendly reminder about the next Makerscout bi-weekly call. It's happening this Saturday, August 4th at 4:00 pm EST  /  3:00 pm CST  /  2:00 pm MST  / 1:00 pm PST  /  11:00 am HAST

Dial in to our conference bridge line at   (916) 209-4534    PIN: 2935470

Notes from the 2 calls in July can be found here

This Saturday's Agenda can be found here

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Ummm... wait... We're not doing Skype?


good point why arnt we doing skype 



You guys can do Skype. I simply forgot to include that as an option. My apologies.

On Aug 4, 2012 8:34 AM, "Dan C" <> wrote:


Good Skype it is. See you al today. You will have to get me caught up the new baby kept me from being here last time and it was difficult to do anything in between without knowing everything that was said/agreed upon.


Jarick, take a look at Maker Scouts Moving Forward (Blog entry in Makerscouts) to get caught up--there's a complete summary of what we discussed and updated there. Glad you will be on the call and congratulations!

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