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Next Makerscout planning call this Saturday, 8/18!


Next Makerscout planning call this Saturday, 8/18!

The next bi-weekly call is scheduled for this Saturday, August 18th at:

4:00 pm EST  /  3:00 pm CST  /  2:00 pm MST  / 1:00 pm PST  /  10:00 am HAST

James will also be on Skype (@bucketworks).

Notes from August 4th call

Agenda for this call

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I will NOT be on the call this week, as I'll be at my son's wedding. 

Just to confirm for Paul's sake, though, the call WILL be on Skype, right? (He can't call in otherwise!)

PS it's at 9PM UK time. ;) 


Yes -- it will be a Skype call. :)


Always Skype-- I won't be on the dial in number so disregard that! :)




I will be about if you think I can be useful. The call's 9pm GMT . I suppose you'll need my skype name which is- pdm126






Excellent, I will add you to the call!

I am bucketworks on skype.


For next call:

  1. We are switching to G+! This will make life easier for all of us than Skype.
  2. We are not using the agenda google docs anymore. Instead, we're always going to focus on the Active Projects and Tasks list and talk through those things until we are done.
  3. We resolved a few tasks! Hoorah!
  4. The primary focus to chip in and help with: Complete Activity Pack for Balsa Glider (Task in Makerscouts)
  5. If we get one activity arc completely done, then the other three will be easy: Develop Makerscouts Activities (Project in Makerscouts)

I will post  G+ invite within the next week!


Drat... Call was at 10am HAST, not 11.  I missed it.

G+ will be better too, I think. I have issues with Skype.


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