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Created Members Type
All Hands Active
Ann Arbor's hackerspace / makerspace
2011-06-22 19:55 38 Open
BarCamp Milwaukee
A two day unconference emerging technology, creativity, community, and culture.
2011-06-21 16:31 67 Open
Barrel of Makers
A Makerspace/Hackerspace/Artspace/Co-working Space in Newark, DE
2011-02-01 19:03 47 Open
Bridge Foundry
Bridge Foundry organizational management and coordination.
2013-04-14 12:27 14 Open
Bridgewire Makerspace
A makerspace and community workshop in Reno NV
2011-08-22 18:55 25 Open
The world's first health club for the brain, in Milwaukee, WI
2010-04-17 18:11 60 Moderated
Dever, CO hackerspace
2011-09-29 18:55 12 Open
A day-long unconference focused on drawing from A-Z.
2011-04-28 11:16 20 Open
Emergentcy Schools
Collaborative & nonconformist learning/teaching programs that can be hosted in any space and in which anyone can participate.
2012-09-05 12:21 30 Open
Four Teachers Project
Open source lesson planning & curriculum development in Austin, TX
2012-11-21 10:42 9 Moderated
Free Geek Seattle
Free Geek Seattle
2013-03-12 10:03 13 Open
Freeside Atlanta
A hacker/makerspace in Atlanta, GA
2012-04-26 16:48 15 Open
Emergentcy School Program of the School Factory
2012-09-14 16:08 19 Open
Hackerscouts and Makerscouts
Program planning and development for Hackerscouts and Makerscouts, a youth-focused STEAM program modeled around 21st century co-ed Guilds
2012-04-06 16:06 45 Moderated
Her Ideas In Motion
Collaboration space for Her Ideas In Motion
2013-03-01 12:24 10 Open
Lansing Makers Network
Makerspace in Lansing, MI
2012-09-26 14:00 8 Moderated
LVL1 is a hackerspace in Louisville, KY
2012-09-19 21:43 11 Open
Mach 30
Group for collaboration with School Factory partner Mach 30
2012-03-20 16:54 14 Moderated
Mothership Hackermoms
Group for members of Mothership Hackermoms.
2012-06-20 15:40 19 Open
New England Society of Information and Technology
2012-09-20 18:59 18 Open
A day-long unconference focused on photography from A-Z
2011-04-28 11:18 26 Open
2010-10-27 19:48 30 Open
Pumping Station: One
A hacker/makerspace in Chicago
2011-04-08 21:42 34 Open
New Mexico's first hackerspace at 1112 2nd St NW
2011-09-04 20:56 21 Open
Makerspace in Madison, WI
2010-10-26 13:48 19 Open
Groups on
On the Ground - Milwaukee
planning team for On the Ground - Milwaukee
February 22, 20138Open
Groups on
WPP Structure
organizing staff
October 31, 20122Open
The Park
Market Washington Park’s amenities, programs and events, expand recreational opportunities through improvements and support park maintenance.
March 13, 201213Open
Improve public safety through engaging residents, collaborating with MPD, coordinating community improvement projects and developing model area strate
March 13, 201212Open
This group is for work and information related to partners working on Safegrowth in Washington Park.
July 11, 20136Open
NID Board Members
This Group was created for NID Board Members
July 15, 20137Open
NID info
November 21, 20123Open
Jobs & Business
Increase access to job opportunities for residents through strengthening partnerships and establishing policies for sustainable growth.
March 13, 201216Open
Housing Committee
Monitor housing problems in the neighborhood and address problem properties, vacant units and lots.
February 28, 201219Open
Health & Wellness
Improving quality of life for the Washington Park Neighborhood by addressing root causes, advocacy and education.
March 13, 201220Open
Farmers Market
Group organizing Farmers Market
April 4, 201217Open
Everyone who is involved!
March 27, 201270Open
Education Committee
Improve educational opportunities by supporting existing education oriented organizations and broadening the network of organizations working on edu.
February 28, 20129Open
Congregation Group
Congregation Group
February 19, 20135Open
Community Organizing
List of contacts made and strategies
June 21, 20124Open
Bandshell Concerts
Planning the Wednesday Concert Series
January 14, 201314Open
Arts & Culture
Inform and invite Washington Park and Greater Milwaukee to experience many opportunities of artistic & cultural expression in our neighborhood.
March 13, 201218Open
Groups on
Chris Whitman minus 2
A group for demonstration on whitman.bucketb
September 14, 20122Open
Groups on
Work Design
Mentors and leaders of the internal social networking pilot project.
April 12, 201223Open
West Bend Way
This group will be used for discussion regarding the West Bend Way
July 3, 201212Open
Service Center
Service Center collaboration and communication.
May 15, 201230Open
PAS Program Leads and Sponsors
PAS Program Leads and Sponsors collaboration
August 15, 20124Open
PAS Billing Stakeholders
This group will be used for discussion amongst PAS Billing Stakeholders
August 2, 201211Open
Loss Control
Loss Control collaboration and communications.
May 15, 201222Open
IT Managers group for collaboration and communication.
May 15, 20123Open
Culture of Safety
Collaboration and development of the website
July 24, 20124Open
CSSC - Execution
This will be used for CSSC Execution Topics
October 17, 201212Open
Groups on
Wellness Commons
Wellness Commons
February 8, 20139Open
TRIUMPH Student Projects
For all things related to TRIUMPH student projects.
April 4, 20137Open
Team Fresh
This group is for Team Fresh and all of their freshness.
March 12, 20135Open
Public Safety - Lindsay Heights
A platform for sharing work related to promoting public safety in Linsday Heights
November 4, 20134Open
Housing Committee
Group Focus on Lindsay Heights Housing Strategies
August 21, 20132Open
Healthy Corner Store Initiative
Grant Team Members Group
May 13, 20137Open
Growing Healthy Soil for Healthy Communities
GHSHC urban gardening research project team
January 25, 20123Open
Campus Landscaping and other Plans
Design work for Walnut Way campus improvements
August 28, 20134Open
Advancing Community Investment in Health: Implementation of the Innovations and Wellness Commons
The goal for this project is to build on lessons learned from the planning process to build the infrastructure and programs that will advance the IWC.
February 27, 201412Open
Groups on
Test group
June 22, 20122Open
Groups on
Test group
November 27, 20122Open
Groups on
Violence Prevention Program
Violence Prevention Program
January 10, 20128Open
The whole UNCOM team.
January 10, 20127Open
Milwaukee Childhood Obesity Prevention Project
Group for MKE Childhood Obesity Prevention Project.
January 10, 20127Open
Jobs Program
Jobs program
January 10, 20127Open
Grants and Fund Development
All projects and work for grants and fund development.
January 10, 20127Open
Bader Workforce Development Program
Bader Workforce Development Program
February 5, 20137Open
Affinity Teams
Affinity Teams
January 10, 20128Open
Groups on
Testing a group
August 26, 20122Open
Groups on
Special Events
This is where we keep track of information about the special events TEAM UP is planning inside and outside of the centers.
June 18, 201319Open
Site Coordinators
This is where site coordinators can keep information about each center.
August 27, 20136Open
This is where we keeping information for operation clerks.
August 27, 20136Open
Groups on
Work Comp
Private Work Comp group for management of long-term items.
January 22, 20132Open
Scorecard Initiative
Planning and development of the Tax Air Comprehensive Scorecard.
November 26, 20128Open
Sales collaboration, opportunities, and knowledge sharing.
January 22, 20132Open
Operations management: Day to day, action planning, accountability
January 22, 201321Open
Marketing department and efforts.
February 7, 20132Open
Private internal space for IT collaboration.
December 6, 20125Open
Human Resources Team
HR Team, private collaboration
February 28, 20137Open
Help Desk
IT Help Desk
December 6, 20124Open
Flyer Logistics Services
Collaboration for entire team of FLS.
January 22, 201322Open
Financial information and histories.
January 22, 201326Open
Dedicated collaboration and accountability.
February 7, 20137Open
Customer Care
Customer Care collaboration: All terminals, GMs
January 22, 20138Open
Groups on
Support Community
Support community for all Bucket Brigade customers!
December 9, 20112137Open
Groups on
Test group
March 25, 20134Open
Public group test.
March 25, 20131Open
Groups on
Planning Team
Planning team collaboration.
December 13, 201213Open
Leadership Institute
The Neighborhood Leadership Institute
December 13, 201235Open
Groups on
October 5, 20121Open
Groups on
For all members of the Mandel team.
September 20, 20121Open
Work on Kohl's projects
September 20, 20121Open
DCI Marketing
Projects for DCI Marketing
September 21, 20121Open
Groups on
Strategic Frame Work
Contains Projects and Tasks Related to LISC Milwaukee Strategic Frame Work
August 7, 20127Open
Senior Staff
Private group for collaboration between LISC MKE Senior Staff.
March 7, 20133Open
Neighborhood Action Plans
Neighborhood Action Plans
September 6, 20128Open
Fundraising Activities
March 26, 20139Open
Communities of Practice
Communities of Practice, Strategy, Development, Partnership
February 21, 20139Open
Groups on
Real Estate Development
This group is for work related to LBWN's real estate development activities (3500 W National, Silver City Townhomes, etc.).
January 11, 201211Open
LBWN Office
Any office related work or discussion (staff meeting agenda, office supplies, facilities, etc.)
December 12, 201114Open
Fund Development & Financial Management
Discussions and work related to grant management and financial reporting.
December 9, 201114Open
Community Work
Community Work / Neighborhood on the Ground
December 7, 201114Open
Avenues West Consulting
This group is for the consulting project LBWN is doing for Avenues West.
February 21, 20143Open
Groups on
Youth Programs
Youth programming discussion, accountability, and knowledge.
December 9, 201145Open
Work Design
Where we share ideas about work, how to work better together, and how to keep our culture healthy.
December 9, 201159Open
Urban Careers Institute
Workforce readiness program accountability and discussion.
December 9, 201115Open
Senior Leadership Team
Weekly senior leadership team meetings.
December 12, 20115Open
Performance Indicators
Staff professional development and performance goals.
March 8, 201336Open
Leadership Team
A space for Journey House Leadership Team members to share knowledge and work on tasks generated during leadership meetings.
December 12, 201117Open
Journey House Digital Community Access Project
Pilot project to project internet access to neighborhood for participants to have digital access.
September 21, 201212Open
Health & Wellness
Projects and tasks associated such as fitness training, yoga classes, Yes! trainings, etc.
January 10, 201311Open
Golf Outing
Golf Outing - Major Board Fundraising Event
December 12, 20119Open
Field Rental
Rental information and projects for field in Mitchell Park
November 26, 20126Open
Fashion Show
New Special Event - Under Development
October 2, 20127Open
Family Learning
Family Learning program discussion, accountabilities, and know-how.
December 9, 201133Open
Digital Inclusion Initiative
Citywide Digital Inclusion Initiative Planning Team
August 10, 20121Open
Development R&D
Research and development of budgets and pre-planning for future initiatives and projects.
July 20, 20126Open
Cultural & Digital Graphic Arts
Journey House Cultural Visual and Performing Arts Program
September 24, 201211Open
Community Relations
Community relations including public relations, community special events, and university and employer partnerships,
December 12, 201119Open
Community Learning Centers
MPS Longfellow, Humboldt Park, and Bay View Community Learning Centers
December 12, 201121Open
Auction Gala
Auction Gala - Major Board Fundraising Event
December 12, 201130Open
All Staff
All staff and communications.
December 9, 201153Open
Administration projects and activities: Grants, fund development, communications, and outreach
December 9, 201112Open
Groups on
April 15, 201160Open
Work Design
The collaboration space for the Work Design team
March 1, 201114Open
WI Dimensional Leaders
Private Group for Wisconsin Dimensional Leaders to collaborate.
March 18, 20135Open
War Room
Notes from War Room Meetings
April 11, 201143Open
Strategic Planning
Creation of HNI's strategic plan in a democratic workplace
May 18, 201178Open
Recruitment information including candidate notes for HR and relevant Hiring Managers & Front Office team members
January 11, 201314Open
Outcome Driven Innovators
February 1, 201112Open
Market Intelligence
Information on Insurance Markets, Market Conditions and Competitors
April 15, 201171Open
Info Tech
March 15, 2011128Open
The Insurance practice which contains Trucking, Commercial, and Personal Lines
April 15, 201183Open
HNI News
HNI's electronic real time newsletter
May 16, 201179Open
HNI Minnesota Partners [Minneapolis, MI]
January 30, 20135Open
Help and Training
This is where we go to find information on how to use Atrium
April 5, 201184Open
General Office Management
Reference Material & General Operating Procedures
December 2, 201168Open
Front Office
Private Group for Front Office collaboration
January 11, 201311Open
Financials and accounting department info.
April 15, 201117Open
Brand Development
Branding and marketing initiatives to further the HNI brand.
April 11, 201164Open
Information and collaboration for the Employee Benefits Practice
April 15, 201126Open
Information and collaboration about the Advisory practice area
April 15, 201129Open
Groups on
Dedicated to securing financial resources for the HAPA
August 10, 201216Open
Work related to development of governance mechanisms
August 10, 201216Open
Projects related to increasing student achievement
August 10, 201215Open
Community Relations
Increase the visibility of the HAPA/IPA in the Hmong and larger community
August 10, 201215Open
Development of HAPA Administration
August 10, 201215Open
Groups on
Trane/American Standard Forecast Group
To discuss and communicate monthly Trane and AMSTD forecasts
March 24, 201418Open
Trane Mountain Implementation Team
Trane DSO Mountain Region Joint Venture Implementatoin Team
March 15, 201357Open
Product Lifecycle Project
Communication with John Elliott
November 4, 201327Open
New Product Introduction Committee
Introduction of New Products
October 8, 201313Open
New Hire Training
A group to work within for training
September 11, 201310Open
Middle Management Communication
A place for middle managers to communicate
March 10, 201421Open
Marketing Support
Come to Marketing Support to request help from your marketing team!
September 10, 201213Open
Loss Control
Discuss Loss Control
July 22, 201314Open
Jay's Store Managers
Communication between Jay and his store managers
March 10, 201417Open
Jay's Direct Reports
Communication for Jay and his direct reports
March 10, 201412Open
Internal Management Development Group
Internal Management Development Program
August 20, 201212Open
Human Resources
HR Communication and Approvals
April 29, 20137Open
Great Lakes Commercial Sales Team
Great Lakes Commercial Sales Team
March 30, 201234Moderated
GL/EC Refrigeration Group
Discuss Products, Promotions, Inventory, Sales Events, Pricing, Sales Initiatives, best practices, competitve feedback and more for GL.
February 20, 201344Open
GL/EC Projects/Communication
Jay communication with Andrew and Scott
March 10, 20144Open
EC Implementation Team
Implentation Team for conversion of Indiana Supply branches to Gustave A. Larson Company
October 17, 201230Open
Distribution communication
April 24, 20138Open
Commodity Pricing Group
THE place to share pricing, jobs and competitive info on commodity quotes (wins and losses) on copper, refrigerant, insulation, etc.
July 2, 201215Open
Commerical Real Estate
Review of commerical real estate for GALCO
August 2, 201211Open
Chicago Equipment Supplier Group
Select a new equipment supplier for the greater Chicagoland market!
May 22, 201317Open
Branch Moves Group
Group to discuss and work together on all branch moves
May 7, 201332Open
All Company
GA Larson company-wide announcements and discussion.
June 1, 2012434Open
Groups on
All Company
GA Larson company-wide announcements and discussion.
June 1, 2012365Open
Groups on
Innovation Community
Public community for FEMA innovations
February 6, 20124Open
Groups on
One Company
Collaboration on the transformation to One Company.
July 26, 20139Open
Collaboration between DLSS and Jigsaw.
August 2, 20133Open
Private collaboration for DLSS team.
August 2, 20135Open
Groups on
Testing 2
Testing groups. (Take 2!)
September 27, 20131Open
Testing 1
Test group
November 24, 20125Open
Groups on
Testing groups.
June 20, 20132Open
Groups on
Business operations
May 28, 20123Open
All Staff
Our entire team: company announcements, open discussion, events, and common knowledge.
May 15, 20125Open
Groups on
Tipsy Wonky Clone
A clone.
November 6, 20121Open
Tipsy Wonky
Build stuff. Go for it. Do it.
August 21, 20121Open
Testing clone #1
Hey a cloned group!
November 24, 20121Open
Test Preset 1
Testing preset
November 29, 20121Open
Test 3
July 13, 20121Open
Test 2
July 13, 20122Open
Test 1
July 13, 20122Open
River City Makers (Clone Test)
Maker group.
November 6, 20121Open
New Cloned Group with Projects & Tasks
New cloned group test.
November 27, 20121Open
Fluuuurbz forever!
November 30, 20121Open
Collaborative Space Group Template
A template for would-be maker space groups.
November 6, 20122Open
Clone Test With Project & Tasks
Clone with project test.
November 7, 20121Open
Clone Test #2
Clone test
November 6, 20121Open
Clone 3
November 29, 20121Open
Groups on
Social Connections
Resident Engagement
January 15, 20137Open
Public Safety
Strategy 6 - Clarke Square Quality of Life Plan
December 12, 201123Open
Human Resources
HR, Personnel, and Confidential Administrative Documents
March 15, 20135Open
Strategy 8 - Clarke Square Quality of Life Plan
December 12, 20119Open
Economic Development
We will support existing economic development efforts as well as create new economic development opportunities
January 15, 20133Open
Clarke Square Council
Leadership team meeting space for the Clarke Square Council
December 12, 201121Open
January 15, 20133Open
Groups on
Marquette - Private
Professor Whaley-Smith's Files
August 13, 20121Open
BBS - Budget and Bucks
This group is for BBS County Counselors to discuss and develop a revision to the Badger Boys State Budget Program and Badger Bucks Program.
June 13, 20129Open
Groups on
Production arm of
September 19, 20127Open