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PhotoCamp 2012: March 24th?

Talking it over with Simon McConico, I think March would be the best time to have our next PhotoCamp. I arbitarily picked March 24th.


He is also willing to help us plan and promote the next one. For those of you who came to the first PhotoCamp, he also helped out with that.

PhotoCamp ReCap

Thanks to all who helped make PhotoCampMilwaukee2 happen.

It was a smaller event, and I think that's fine... in fact, allow it to be smaller may take some of the pressure off and make it easier to do the next one.

I think we had just under 50 people. (Bucketworks, can you confirm via the sign-in sheet?) Obviously we were up against *really* nice weather again, and don't know how that affects attendance.

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Last-Minute Stuff!

Hello PhotoCampers,

We're down to the wire!

Larry, any news on an Adobe donation?

James, are we cool doing the raffle/door prize thing? Do we have tickets for that?

As for sponsors, we've had two people kick in cash (Benjamin Shapiro and Wendy Gunderson) which is awesome! And Photojojo got back to me and is working on something... (Hopefully a bit of cash as well.) The School Factory may also kick in a bit, so I think we may be able to provide lunch...

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Update: Week of May 23th, 2011

Another week closer to PhotoCamp!

Right now we have 4 monetary sponsors (and 2 in-kind sponsors), 48 attendees, and less than 2 weeks to get everything in order.


Promotion: I listed the event on some local web site calendar, but still wondering if anyone wants to do a flyer. The flyer would be on-hand at Bucketworks, could be placed on community bulltetin boards, maybe at camera stores, etc. Anyone? The event is also listed on Facebook.


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Sponsor Idea

I was talking with James and we came up with this idea to pitch to a sponsor... It would be geared toward a meal sponsor for the event.

Let's call this hypothetical sponsor "Awesome Pizza."

We propose to Awesome Pizza that if they donate a meal to PhotoCamp, the attendees will generate some buzz around their brand.

Awesome Pizza will need to give us not only food, but things with their brand on them. Perhaps pizza boxes, hats, t-shirts, stickers, etc.

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Update: Week of May 16th, 2011

Hello Organizers,

Let's figure out how to get things moving!

Right now we have 4 sponsors, 29 attendees, and less than 3 weeks to get everything in order.

Promotion:  Have we listed on any event calendars? Contacted local photo groups? (CoPA, etc?) (See thread)

Sponsors: Any sponsor ideas? If you haven't seen the spreadsheet, ask me!

Equipment: Bucketworks has a projector, and 2XL Networks will provide one. What else might we need?

Registration open!

Organizers, please register... PLEASE!

and tell your friends, followers, family, pets, etc....

Photocamp Website

I ran into some pretty big snags in upgrading the theme on the Photocamp website so that the register menu appeared, and ultimately re-installed Wordpress from scratch. I had a backup of the posts and images, so they all are there, though we somehow lost all the sponsor information, so we'll have to reupload logos if folks sponsor again. Let me know if anything else seems out of whack.

I also lost all the account information, so if you what to beable to post on the site, let me know and I'll set you back up.

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How you can help

We've got very little time to prepare for PhotoCampMilwaukee2.

If you'd like to help make it happen, this is what we need:

1. Promotion - Tell your friends! Post it on Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, event calendars, craigslist, make some flyers, take them to camera shops, take them to photowalks, etc.

2. Sponsors - We need a little bit of money to make things happen, typically this involves getting sponsors. Any amount from $50 to $250 would be ideal. Here's the rundown of Sponsorship:

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OK, I've posted on Flickr in the Cream City group:

In the next few weeks we should focus on posting on local event calendars, maybe have someone inform the "Creative Hub" (pka "Cultural Alliance") and post on Craig's List, tell OnMilwaukee, MKE411, etc...

Can anyone else think of local sites to post it to?

Should we make flyers for the local camera shops?

Promotion ideas.... post them here!

Need help?


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