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Update PhotoCamp Web Site

Task: Update PhotoCamp Web Site


Site may have been infected/bad theme or something.

Also needs to be updated to reflect current efforts, not past event. (Sponsors cleared out, date changed, etc.)

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Status: Open » Resolved
  • Site has been cleaned and notice has been sent to Google for delisting as "comprimised"
  • A new Link category was setup for PCMKE2 sponsors.
  • About page updated
  • Updated Site name to "Photocamp Milwaukee 2" and changed the tag line

You should still have edit access, and can recover your password if you had one before.


Thanks DD :)

Could you shoot me an edit access PW as well?


James - you're registered under You should be able to recover your password.


I started updating the pages.. haven't done a new blog post yet, but other things should be good. I just tested the donation... Bucketworks/James, let me know if you got my dollar.