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OK, I've posted on Flickr in the Cream City group:

In the next few weeks we should focus on posting on local event calendars, maybe have someone inform the "Creative Hub" (pka "Cultural Alliance") and post on Craig's List, tell OnMilwaukee, MKE411, etc...

Can anyone else think of local sites to post it to?

Should we make flyers for the local camera shops?

Promotion ideas.... post them here!

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No response at all on Flickr... Rachel, you want to try? Maybe they all hate me for some reason. ;)

Anyone want to design a flyer?


Some response from Flickr... 2 people.

Anyone up for making a flyer?

What other promotion can we do?



Sorry, I was super work busy in Orlando last week, but I sent it out on twitter and facebook today. Got one response on fb so far.



Any chance you can reach out to sponsors? Or maybe just suggest some I could reach out to?


Is there a Facebook Event that we could pimp out?


I'll create one... will post back here shortly.


RSVP on the Facebook.... invite all your friends!

Need help?


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