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Photocamp Website


Photocamp Website

I ran into some pretty big snags in upgrading the theme on the Photocamp website so that the register menu appeared, and ultimately re-installed Wordpress from scratch. I had a backup of the posts and images, so they all are there, though we somehow lost all the sponsor information, so we'll have to reupload logos if folks sponsor again. Let me know if anything else seems out of whack.

I also lost all the account information, so if you what to beable to post on the site, let me know and I'll set you back up.

That all said, the registration form is up. Comment here with your google docs account and I'll share the spreadsheet with you.

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Here is a link to the spreadsheet. Ping me for edit access



The form lists the earliest time as 9am and the latest at 9pm...

Should we make that the time, or should we go with 10pm to 10pm? (As mentioned in blog post.)

Speak up people!


Also, if you are in this group, please go register here:


Hey folks, we're up to 2 registered campers...

PhotoCamp will be awesome!


Derek, can you give me "raster" rights in WordPress? Seem to have lost ability to post/edit/do anything since the rest. (I said "raster" because my old username was "petep" so there may be something due to that.)


I started a Google spreadsheet for sponsorship info.... if you didn't get an email with access, ping me.

Need help?


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