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Update: Week of May 16th, 2011


Update: Week of May 16th, 2011

Hello Organizers,

Let's figure out how to get things moving!

Right now we have 4 sponsors, 29 attendees, and less than 3 weeks to get everything in order.

Promotion:  Have we listed on any event calendars? Contacted local photo groups? (CoPA, etc?) (See thread)

Sponsors: Any sponsor ideas? If you haven't seen the spreadsheet, ask me!

Equipment: Bucketworks has a projector, and 2XL Networks will provide one. What else might we need?

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Sponsor update... I dm'd one of the Kodak accounts on Twitter and they pointed me to their sponsorship application online. I'll be filling it out today.

If anyone else can investigate if there are other companies that have these, it would be cool.


I've submitted the application at for PhotoCamp.

It may be worth making note of this for future events, as well as determining what other companies use this sort of application.


Also today: EtherCycle logo added to site... Thanks for sponsoring!

I talked with Tim from Teecycle. Can't offer money for sponsorship, but wants to donate 2 Teecycle Subscriptions ($80 value each) for use to use in a raffle, door prize, etc. He will try to attend, and bring Teecycle shirts to use for a photo shoot if possible.


It's going slow with sponsors.... I've gotten very litte response based on the emails I've sent out so far.

If anyone can help find sponsors, it would be greatly appreciated.



1. Bucketworks

2. 2XL Networks

3. C2 Graphics Productivity Solutions (in-kind sponsorship, they can't give any money.)

We're hoping that's all we'll need.


42 people registered as of today...

Now if we can pick up some of the sponsor slack, I'll feel a bit more comfortable about the event.


Have we contacted everyone from last time about sponsoring? Is there a google doc for sponsors again?

I'll get coffee and tea for us. My Starbucks manager will give it to me for half off. 


Coffee and tea are useless for me... but I hear people like them. Would Starbucks be a sponsor then? Since it's not a donation, just a discount... I don't know.  And it's not on the sponsor spreadsheet....

And chance of baked goods? That would be cool!

Any luck with other sponsors?


The new spreadsheet has sponsors I've contacted this time. Send me your Google account info if you don't have access... I can share the old one with you as well.


I have the old one still, but need the new one:

Also, I have a projector if we need it.

I contacted Impossible Project, they might give me some film to do a session, but no money.


OK, I think you have access now... Projector, yes please!

Any ideas on food sponsors?

We are a non-profit organization providing free education. Will that get us anything?


I published this plea for sponsors... feel free to point people to it, or use the copy in any way.


Derek, Kurt, James, Larry, and Rachel...

Any progress this week?

We have 48 people registered.

Almost every monetary sponsor is among those who are getting this email...

Any chance that each of us can get just one sponsor each?

At this point I'm concerned about the costs of providing food, and don't see that happening.

But hey, we've got 2 weeks left... anything could happen, right?


Part of the problem is that the Sponsor page ( doesn't provide any information on how one goes about becoming a sponsor.  No contact information, no form, no button, not even a link.  It needs an email address or phone number.


Ah, thanks for pointing out that we are idiots!

Looks like we had a form there last time, but it's gone now...

I added a link to the Donate page in it's place.

Most of the sponsors I contacted got an email from me asking personally for a sponsorship. Most of them had sponsored in the past, and probably wouldn't have seen that page, but still, it's fixed now.

What else can we do?


You got the current sponsors through networking.  Let's expand it.  Provide a form letter for attendees to send to their contacts asking for sponsorhips.  I have forty clients I can ask to sponsor.


OK... does anyone want to take a stab at writing up the letter? If not, I can do it, but probably can't get to it until tomorrow at the earliest.


Submitted to:

All are being held for review before being posted...

Need help?


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