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Update: Week of May 23th, 2011


Update: Week of May 23th, 2011

Another week closer to PhotoCamp!

Right now we have 4 monetary sponsors (and 2 in-kind sponsors), 48 attendees, and less than 2 weeks to get everything in order.


Promotion: I listed the event on some local web site calendar, but still wondering if anyone wants to do a flyer. The flyer would be on-hand at Bucketworks, could be placed on community bulltetin boards, maybe at camera stores, etc. Anyone? The event is also listed on Facebook.


Sponsors: Still going slow... no one is getting back to me. I've got 3 out there I am waiting to hear about. Derek has one as well. (Derek, did you make your donation yet?)


Equipment: We have 4 projectors if needed. Any other equipment needs?


Venue: James, are there rooms within Bucketworks we can make completely dark? Cover the windows, etc? Some topics may require no stray light in a space... ideas?



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I will make an 8.5 x 11 flyer.


Thanks Kurt!

James, can some of the flyers be placed at Bucketworks?


1st Floor

2nd Floor

Yes, we would love that, and yes, we can make some of the rooms dark. Check out the Flickr set for the floor plans. 


Download the flyer (.pdf) -


Awesome! Thanks. 

Can we get that on the website or somewhere where I can link to it?


Hanson Dodge is a sponsor, and I am working on Adorama.

Derek, shall we plan posts for the other sponsors as well?


We should at least do a post for Ethercycle. I have a draft post started. just need a short bio.

The other one (BW, 2XL, DJDP) we could do a combined "Welcome back" post


A short bio: "EtherCycle is an interactive agency specializing in front-end web design.  Established in 2009, their offices are located inside Chicagoland’s historic Pickwick building. Having worked on the full-spectrum of project scopes, they believe that the entire web can be both fun and useful."


A random assortment  of photos from my portfolio:


Update on sponsors:

Just spoke to Adorama, they cannot donate money, but will try to put together a package of prints/books/etc. that we can use as a giveaway.

We've also got the subscriptions from Teecycle...

I'd like to suggest that we hold a raffle like last time. 3 or 4 chances to win (depending on all the prizes we can put together) and sell tickets for $1.00 -- proceeds going to PhotoCamp/Bucketworks.



I like the raffle idea. Didn't we get a copy of Photoshop last time? That always makes the raffle very popular. 


Yes... anyone want to get us a copy of Photoshop this time? ;)


I know that we can run into problems with asking for money for a raffle.  Legally it is a lottery if you do that and you can be hunted down and shot. 

I can take the item to apply for the copy of photoshop.


What if it's a "door prize" and we ask for a $1 donation?

How did we do the raffle last time?

Bucketworks, do you have an answer?


So I have totally FAILed in getting the Photoshop from Adobe.  Everything I can find is to donate software to non-profits (probably good for School Factory / Bucketworks - not for photocamp.  Does anyone know how they got the donation last year?  Still happy to do the legwork, but need a pointer. 


Dude, PhotoCamp is fiscally sponsored by The School Factory/Bucketworks... We are a non-profit.

Will that help?


Need help?


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