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PodCamp in 2012

It looks like this group may want to reach out to Scott Offord and Jeramey Janenne. They seem to be talking about doing it in 2012.

Didn't Happen

Unless I somehow missed it, it appears this event did not happen.

Perhaps it should be planned for 2012.

advertising podcamp MKE


since it's almost February, i'm starting to think we should advertise. :) so i'm gonna start a blog entry with where i've added the event, and if anyone else thinks of something i missed (i'm sure there's tons), go ahead and add that, and leave a comment below.

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website update

so i made a great deal of progress on cutting up and programming the website. (currently is't only on my local machine, but once i have the FTP login info for the server, i'll upload what i have)


so who wants to help populate the site? respond here with your desired email address and i'll create a user for ya. it's a fairly basic wordpress site, so it shouldn't be too confusing if you have some basic experience with wordpress. 

website - homepage comp #1


so i started playing around with a design tonight. let me know what you think. am i missing anything? anything confusing?

it's a big image, so click the image to see it full size


At the suggestion of Pete, I'm doing a blog post on sponsors and will keep it updated once there are comments.



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#pcMKE logo

thoughts? comments? concerns?

Rules of PodCamp


There are 6 rules which govern what may or may not be called a PodCamp. If your planned event meets all 6 and accepts the terms in the PodCamp Foundation License, you can call it a PodCamp:

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Welcome to OpenAtrium

OpenAtrium is a way for us to collaborate on your project without using email--keeping everyone on the same page in all our communications, commitments, and knowledge sharing.

We'll be using this OpenAtrium site to plan PodCampMilwaukee number 1 in April of 2011!

What are the building blocks of collaboration?

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