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Setup live streaming infrastructure

Task: Setup live streaming infrastructure

We'll need a decent camera, mic in each room along with a machine that can be simply dedicated to recording each session throughout the day.

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I can probably supply one decent camera, a Sony PD150 MiniDV with FireWire. Are you planning to record to the computer? Are we looking at 13GB per hour then, at standard def? Or do we shoot to tape? Tapes are much cheaper than hard drive space, but someone has to changre them out and keep track of them.

I can also provide an audio recorder capable of capturing a full day of audio.


As far as streaming... how many live streams can the Bucketworks bandwidth handle? Do we know?


i've got a blue snowflake mic that we can use for one of the live streaming stations. i'll test it out on one of my netbooks since i haven't even tried that combo before.

i also have a blue Yeti mic which we can set up for something. maybe if we have a podcasting station set up... or one of the live streams.. whatever.