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Call with James Carlson: Real Estate, Fundraising, BoD / org structure


We're looking at moving, but doing so would cut into our 6 month savings buffer.  Is that reasonable?  What risks do we need to be aware of that the savings money helps to mitigate?

If we move and cut into savings, what can we do to raise money as a 501c3?

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Rackspace Hosting?

I saw GWOB moving to rackspace. Is PS:1 still able to get an account with them via School Factory? The email I sent to them via their non-profit signup was never responsed to.

openAtrium things.

saw open atrium had a release, wanted to check up on this. I really like the workflow that you guys have setup.

Do you guys give group admin to the individual groups? like a delegated admin. Also, do you have the reply by email extension setup? I'm just trying to see if we could replace our mailing lists with this like we talked about... over a year ago?


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