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Call with James Carlson: Real Estate, Fundraising, BoD / org structure


Call with James Carlson: Real Estate, Fundraising, BoD / org structure


We're looking at moving, but doing so would cut into our 6 month savings buffer.  Is that reasonable?  What risks do we need to be aware of that the savings money helps to mitigate?

If we move and cut into savings, what can we do to raise money as a 501c3?

Are we structuring our board of directors and officers correctly?

  • the officers are a subset of the board
  • the board meets very frequently for an average board and works on low level details
  • the members make all the decisions, it's slow
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We might need more time than the allotted 30 mins to go through all this, but I am looking forward to it. If anyone can't be on the call, we'll take good notes here. We'll do that anyway.


I almost made it longer when I put it in.  Can you do 45-60 at 2 on Tuesday or should we reschedule?

If we can't get to the board stuff that's not the end of the world.




Real Estate

3 months of savings is ok, but it should be increased rather quickly.

We need to know more about utilities costs.  Heat can be thousands.

What's the zoning?  Does our actiivty fit that zoning?

Lease contingency: we're only on the hook in so far as we are legally able to occupy and continue business.

Do we have an occupancy permit?

Confirm that the landlord is the owner.

Send the lease to James for review.

James suggests we split the moving, organization, and fundraising into three committees with separate members to avoid burnout.



Buy a brick / tool

Rent party / fancy plate fundraiser

Carbon neutral move with media and sponsors

Bar benefit is pretty low return, we want more.

Rent out a room for events (classroom?)


No time to address Board of Directors issues.

Need help?


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