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Indiegogo Campaign to Fund Move

Quelab has successfully completed another Indiegogo campaign!  This one was started to help us fundraise our move to the new space (previously known as North Campus).  While we miss our old South Campus, the place was too small for us to continue offering the best services to our members.  And the new space will have a high-bay concrete-floor workshop area for larger projects to take place indoors!


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Quelab is Moving!

We have seen Quelab grow by leaps and bounds over the past years.  From a handful of intermittent members to 15 or 20 regulars at every hacknight.  This means that our homey little lab is really a little too cozy nowadays.  It's time for an upgrade.  

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Indiegogo Campaign Complete!

We're pleased to report that we raised $2106 of our $900 goal for our Indiegogo Campaign to purchase and build a publicly-available Prusa Mendel RepRap 3D Printer for our space.  We collected an additional $70 outside of the camaign, for a total of $2176 raised.


A huge Thank You to the Quelab commuinity, to the Space Federation for retweeting our milestones, and especially to the Quelab 3D Printing Club (and their leader, Alfred Cochrane) who provided the impetus for us to build this machine.


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3D Printer Indiegogo Campaign

Quelab has started an indiegogo campaign to raise the funds for a new 3D printer to be installed at the lab.  The membership has plenty of experience with building printers (with five under our belt thus far).  However, those have all been personal projects.  This printer is destined to live at Quelab for public access, just like our Bandsaw and Drill Press.  It is a valuable tool to any prototyper, and once we reach our $900 goal, we will have this tool available to our members and any walk-ins.

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Workshop Series and Mini-Maker Faire

Quelab has been presenting a series of weekly workshops since August, and so far we have covered:

Glass Etching, Solar Jars (twice), Long-Exposure Pinhole Cameras, Oil Changes, Photovores and coming up this week: Painting Space Scenes

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Quelab Supplements its lack of memberships, by pulling off themed month end events.

Sofar we have done 




recycled tech,

Electronic music

Sky and air, 

Haunted Lab 

Tech Mas!

And most recently  Hacking Chocolate!  Where we cooked, infused, spherized and even made a rocket engine out of chocolate!

Best. advertizing ever! for Quelab hackerspace

thanks to Cameron Goble at ABQ ComicCon

Quelab is Albuquerque's firsthackerspace

Quelab has been around for a year and 2 months now, we are entering into the point where we are really focusing on building memberships, and focusing on cool projects and events.

Currently we are open to members all the time, and to the public on Sunday and Tuesday Hacknights 7-10pm and Wednesdays during the day.

We have put on community events around LED's, Magnets, Robots, Electronic music, recycle tech, air and space.  We pulled off a few featured instructables and now we are working on a Haunted Lab for Halloween. 

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