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What is SpaceCamp and How to Use this Atrium

Welcome to the SpaceCamp group within the School Factory's OpenAtrium site. We will be using OpenAtrium to communicate and track the organizations, events, and governance of SpaceCamp. It is visible to the public and encourages accountability. To get some basic help and guidance, check out the OpenAtrium Primer. If you have questions about using OpenAtrium, post them as comments below!

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session idea : Pokelhaftigkeil (the slump in energy after formation)


When the idea of a space is first proposed, there is often an incredibly high level of interest and turnout. However, when it actually comes time to make sure bills are paid and group projects are documented, there is often the sudden sounds of crickets. How have people combated this, what works, what doesn't? What even causes this, anyway?

session idea : If you could go back in time, what lessons would you impart to yourself (and how would you get you to listen?)


What lessons from your experience in founding and administrating a hackerspace are the most valuable regardless of geographic location and social specificities? How would you impart those lessons to others?

Suggested content for Call For Venue


Please provide feedback:

We need a location for SpaceCamp. In the spirit of community and crowd sourcing, we're opening up submissions for hosting spaces.

  • About SpaceCamp
  • About Space Federation / School Factory
  • About other organizers

Stipulations for applying:

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What is SpaceCamp Global?

A 2-3 day long event bringing together the folks who facilitate and lead hacker and makerspaces so they can share best practices, learn from one another, and strengthen the entire movement of community-driven collaborative workspaces.

Tentatively scheduled for 2012.

Join us and collaborate!

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