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Suggested content for Call For Venue


Suggested content for Call For Venue


Please provide feedback:

We need a location for SpaceCamp. In the spirit of community and crowd sourcing, we're opening up submissions for hosting spaces.

  • About SpaceCamp
  • About Space Federation / School Factory
  • About other organizers

Stipulations for applying:

  • The offered space must be able to comfortably and safely house the 200-400 expected attendees.
  • The host space will provide staffing volunteers to cover door, cleaning, tech setup, etc so attendees can focus solely on tracks and information.
  • The event will take place from early Friday evening to late Sunday evening some weekend in April or May.

Below we have outlined items which should make the ideal space apparent. Please respond with how your offered space adheres to or surpasses these requests. SpaceCamps already take place at Maker Faires, hacker conferences, and in a variety of cities - Global SpaceCamp will go through this city selection process for each occurrence and choose a different place each time.

  • What's the weather like, historically, in the suggested city in April?
  • Where would attendees be staying? Remember the 200-400 estimated attendance. Would nearby hotels provide discounts? Could people sleep in the venue itself? Etc.
  • Public transit time and cost
    • from airport
    • to suggested sleeping accommodations
    • to city center
  • What's the standard cost of flight to and from your fair city?
  • Space setup: # rooms large enough to house entirety of attendance; # Topic Rooms (house 3-12 people); # Breakouts (30-50 people)
  • What kind of space is it? Is it traditional or way weird?
  • Rate the internet connectivity for that number of attendees with heavy back channel use
  • Bathrooms and Kitchen access - can people make their own food? Do you *know* how much TP that number of people go through? I mean really.
  • What sorts of connections do you have with local food vendors? We're looking at 400 people for 7 meals at $15 a meal if we're also doing drinks.
  • What ties do you have to local sponsors?
  • We must provide the awesome! What sorts of arts and entertainment exist in the community who deliver impressive interactive distraction? What about music?
  • How long has the hackerspace of this city you associate with been around for? What have you been up to?
  • If there are other hackerspaces in the same city, how will you work together to make this Epic Win?
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