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Hacker Lab seeking input & boilerplates from other spaces!

A couple questions for the Space Federation about basic stuff.
Membership Agreement - Does anyone have any boilerplate examples you can post?
Donor agreement - We have a person who wants to donate a machine, but wants to have the option to buy it back in a year.  Has anyone come accross this? If so, do you have any agreements that we can use as template?

Certification for use of machines - We've got welding and woodworking set up here.

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National Day of Civic Hacking

Reminder: Monthly Space Federation Call TOMORROW, 11/21/12 at 8:00 pm CST

Join us for the Monthly Space Federation call!

We'll be talking about plans for 2013, the Advisory Board, startup space mentoring, and a new operating manual / safety policy kit you can use to make your space safer. And, of course, your awesomeness!

Here's a a link to the Google+ Event -- feel free to invite others!

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Cancelling SpaceCamp at Bucketworks this weekend

Hi everyone,

Due to low attendance, SpaceCamp Central 2012 (scheduled for Nov 3/4) is cancelled. We haven't had a chance to do as much promotion as we would have liked, and would rather focus our efforts on building organizational capacity to serve you as we have been doing.

If any of you were planning to trek up to Milwaukee for this Saturday's event, please abort your travel plans. If you're already on your way, of course we can still accommodate you!

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I'm wondering what management software other spaces are using.  Specifically, keeping track of membership, dues, donations, etc.

Working on getting insurance quote

Referenced Page: 
Insurance Research

We are probably going to use a local agent that a member has had good experiance with, but she said it would be helpful if she knew the names of compnies who had written similar policies.  

Reminder: Monthly Space Federation Call this Wednesday, 10/17/12 at 8:00 pm CST

Please join us for this month's Space Federation call. And please spread the word!

James is currently reviewing/adding to the meeting agenda.

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BarCamp Milwaukee 7 This weekend!

Join us at Bucketworks this weekend for BarCamp Milwaukee 7! If you want a place to sleep, we've got the room. Any of you planning to participate?

maker space for Syracuse (NY)

I am currently working on starting a maker space for Syracuse along with a group of others creative people- we seem to be moving along smoothly but the business plan is a bear- I would think there would be existing business plans for already established spaces-

Does anyone have one they would share with me so I have a point of reference and don't have to reinvent the wheel?

Or can make any suggestions-

I have the business plan format/outline, I am looking for the verbage.



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