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MakerFaire Education Panel


MakerFaire Education Panel

We've been asked to present a panel at MakerFaire on Education in Hackerspaces/Makerspaces.

James and Willow will jointly moderate the panel. 

During the discussion, we will consider education within the community of the space--programs and classes that you might offer, how they work and how you measure their success; we also want to talk about how your space provides educational opportunity for people who are not in it, or with partner organizations such as schools, universities, and non-profit/community organizations. (Click on the diagram to the right for an expanded view; this drawing might help cue up stories of learning within your space and its surrounding community.)

To prepare for your participation in this panel, please consider these questions:

  1. How do people learn about your community and your space? 
  2. What kinds of activities take place that are primarily focused on teaching and learning?
  3. How do you measure what people learn and their growth?
  4. How do you partner with outside organizations around education?
  5. What youth-focused learning activities do you offer?
  6. How do you find and identify quality instructors and teachers?
  7. What has worked and what hasn't?

We'll talk about these things and more. If you have ideas that could drive the panel discussion to greater heights, please share them in the comments below!

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I love the idea behind this panel. A lot of Makerspaces have classes going on with some regularity, it's be great to share knowledge and best practices!

Also, your audience may find Workshop Weekend interesting - it's an aggregation of classes and workshops at hackerspaces and makerspaces around the bay area, the weekend following the Faire. Our website is at - I'd love any feedback you have. 

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