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Insurance Research

Many spaces are challenged with the requirement to obtain insurance. Insurance for general liability, board of directors, and off-site programs, as well as volunteers--many kinds of insurance are available. This blog post serves as the Space Federation's central place to talk and share ideas around the best ways to get insurance and maintain it, as well as make use of insurance coverage when a disaster or accident happens.

Also please reference the insurance knowledgebase in the Notebook: Insurance Research

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Folks, we (NOVA Labs) have successfully navigated the insurance problem(s) and were lucky to find a great agent to work with who made it look easy.  Since insurance seems to be a recurring theme, I asked the agent if I could point folks at him.  With his assent, I'm including hist contact info here.  Disclaimer: we have no financial incentive in the company and do not receive anything if anyone gets insurance through them.

- Brian
If there are organizations similar to yours I would be happy to talk with them. We are licensed in over 30 states and depending upon the state they are in we can provide them some guidance on insurance if nothing else. Please feel free to provide my contact information if you know of a group that has a need. I appreciate your willingness to share it with them.
Best regards,
John Toepfer ARM CPCU RPLU
Operations Director, Andersen Insurance Group
5870 Trinity Parkway #130
Centreville, Virginia 20120
703-988-0900 Extension 103
703-988-9498 (Fax)
Find Me on LinkedIn at


Great! Thanks! Do you have an email address to through in there also?


Just updated it - sorry, thought that was in the mass of info I was cut-and-pasting.


Great, thanks! :-)


Club Cyberia in Indianapolis, IN also has navigated the Insurance headache. I had 3 local agent’s fail to work with me very well. One local agent was successful and quite good to work with. He has some specialization in non-profit oriented insurance. Feel free to contact him. He got us very competitive rates.

I did contact John Toepfer above. His rates were also competitive, however our membership chose to go with the below local agent as should be easier to work with him as we expand and have additional needs. Christopher is a independent insurance agent and CPA. He can get rates from multiple companies and as such may be successful in lowering some rates too. Feel free to contact him.

Christopher G. Conley, CPA
Insurance Associates
7255 North Shadeland Ave, Suite B
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Phone: 317-596-2761
Fax: 317-915-8972

Good Luck to all!


We are currently using Farmers insurance at $67/month. We are using their educational organization catagory. The coverage is for $1million liability and $20K for equipment, theft, fire or flood. I am not sure how this compares to others but wanted to share this


What description did you use for your space? when I spoke with a Farmers agent, they indicated that their underwriter didn't understand who/what we were/did and therefore didn't feel like underwriting us. I had a similar experience with State Farm.

Currently, I'm pursuing less name-checked organizations like Philidelphia and Fireman's Fund, and hope to have some information shortly.




The best company we have found is Brower Insurance in ohio. They underwrite in many states. They have been amazing to us at i3 Detroit and they have been much cheaper than any other company we have looked we have spoken with. Contact: Kim Arter Phone: 614-796-7821 Fax: 614-796-7831 Tell her that i3 Detroit sent you and she can help you out. Russ Wolfe I3 Detroit


Oh! Apparently I neglected to reply to this one. We were quoted for insurance through Philadelphia on their Flexi-Five (Workplace Policies and D&O) and then a straight General Liability policy for the building. We wound up only purchasing the Liability Insurance, and have held coverage with Philadelphia for a year and a half now.

The main group who gets the Flexi-Five coverage is churches (but they market it to all non-profits), and Philadelphia has also quoted a gun range, so they might be a less-discerning company.

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